Hamden Public Schools District Policies

4000 - Concept and Roles in Personnel

The personnel policies of this district are an essential part of the program of public education in Harnden. The philosophy of the Hamden Public Schools is reflected in these policies. 

Through these personnel policies, the Board of Education wishes to establish conditions that will attract and hold the highest qualified personnel for all positions who will devote themselves to the education and welfare of our students. 

Policy development must be approached with attitudes of mutual faith and good will. Cooperation and participation of the employees' organizations, administration and the Board of Education are essentials in the formulation of personnel policies. If the predominant values and standards are based on a democratic philosophy, the personnel policies and procedures will add to the dignity of each individual. 

Provisions for the implementation of adopted personnel policies should include channels of communication and procedures for the handling of professional and ethical problems, through which all persons or groups affected may voice their opinions. 

To keep its personnel policies and their corresponding administrative regulations in the highest state of effectiveness to achieve the above purposes, the Superintendent is directed to establish the necessary procedures. 

The long-range goals on which these policies will be based are: 

  1. To recruit, select, and employ the highly qualified personnel to staff the district's schools.
  2. To provide staff compensation and benefit programs sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees.
  3. To provide an in-service training program for all employees to improve their performance.
  4. To conduct an employee evaluation program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff performance.
  5. To assign personnel to ensure that they are used as effectively as possible.
  6. To develop the quality of human relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and satisfaction.


Policy Adopted: June 12, 2001 


Hamden Public Schools   Hamden, Connecticut