Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3542.45 - Food Services: Vending Machines

Vending Machines 

The Board of Education delegates to the Superintendent the authority to make decisions on the placement of food and beverage vending machines in the schools. This includes whether such machines may be installed, where they would be placed, what items would be dispensed, and during which hours they might be used. 

Additional language: 

  1. The Board of Education has determined that there shall be no installations of vending machines except as approved by the Superintendent of Schools. Vending machines are operated as a revenue producing endeavor and as a convenience for students, staff and patrons. All revenue produced from this source shall be deposited in the designated activity fund as approved by the Board of Education/Superintendent of Schools.
  2. Vending Machine Use:
    a.    Elementary Schools: Vending machines shall not be operated in elementary schools in locations available to students.
    b.    Middle Schools: Vending machines may be operated in middle schools, but shall not offer foods of minimal nutritional value in locations available to students. All vending sales shall comply with policies regarding competitive food sales and foods of minimal value.
    c.    High School: Vending machines may be operated in high schools. All vending sales shall comply with policies regarding competitive food sales and foods of nutritional value.
  3. Advertising limitations: Advertising associated with product vending shall be limited to signage on equipment, paper cups and other serving containers and a banner at student stores and booster sale locations. Any signage, logo, container, banner or other item that the district may construe as advertising associated with vending must be approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee before distribution or placement on District property.
  4. Required nutritional foods: In compliance with state law, beverages available in vending machines shall be restricted to 100% fruit juices, vegetable juices or combination of such juices, non-dairy milks such as soy or rice milk, beverages that contain only water and fruit and vegetable juice, water which may be flavored but contain no added sugars, sweeteners, artificial sweeteners or caffeine and milk. Statutory restrictions pertaining to added sugars, sweeteners, caffeine, and portion sizes will be followed. Further, if a vending machine offers chips, cookies and other snack foods for purchase by students during the school day, low-fat dairy products and fresh or dried fruit must also be available for purchase.

Legal Reference: State Board of Education Regulations

  • 10-21Sb-1 Competitive foods.
  • 10-2210 Lunch periods. Recess
  • 10-221p Boards to make available for purchase nutritious low fat foods and drinks.
  • PA 06-63 An Act Concerning Healthy Food and Beverages in Schools 
  • P.A. 04-224, An Act Concerning Childhood Nutrition in Schools, Recess and Lunch Breaks. 

Policy Adopted: June 27, 2005

Policy Rev. Adopted: November 15, 2016

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