Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3541.44 - Transportation: Privately Owned Vehicles

Privately Owned Vehicles

The Board of Education recognizes that, in special circumstances, district employees may need to use private vehicles for school purposes. In particular, the Building Principal or designee may authorize the transportation of students in private vehicles for the following reasons:

1 to transport a student or students to a hospital or other medical facility, in the event of a medical emergency; and/or

2 to transport a student or students to district-sponsored events when regular district transportation is unavailable.

Prior authorization may not be necessary in the event of an emergency. The district assumes no liability unless the employee has prior authorization for such transportation.

District administrators will exercise caution in authorizing transportation of students in private vehicles, since the district potentially assumes liability for any accident claim which exceeds the driver's automotive liability coverage. Any teacher or parent using a private vehicle to transport students on a regular basis must provide evidence of liability insurance, with the district named as an additional insured, in an amount deemed adequate by the Superintendent of Schools or the School Business Administrator.


Policy adopted: January 14, 2003

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS    Hamden, Connecticut