Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3524.1 - Hazardous Material in Schools: Pesticide Application

Hazardous Material in Schools: Pesticide Application

In conformity with applicable statutes, the intent of this policy is to ensure that staff, students, and parents/guardians receive adequate advance notice of pesticide applications in school buildings or on school grounds. Further, the District will only employ certified pesticide applicators for any non-emergency pesticide use in the school buildings or grounds.

A “pesticide” is defined as a fungicide used on plants, an insecticide, a herbicide, or a rodenticide but does not mean a sanitizer, disinfectant, antimicrobial agent or pesticide bait.

The Board is committed to minimizing the use of pesticides. Therefore, the primary practice of pest control shall involve reducing/eliminating the conditions necessary for pest survival. These measures include but are not limited to good housekeeping and routine, prompt maintenance of buildings and grounds.

As required by State statute, the District shall:

  • Annually inform parents/guardians and staff of the District’s pest application/management policy.
  • Establish a registry of parents/guardians and staff who want to receive advance notice of all pesticide use and provide such notice.
  • Make pesticide applications only after regular school hours or planned activities.
  • Maintain written records for five years of all pesticide applications.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

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3524.1(b) Business/Non-Instructional Operations Hazardous Material in Schools Legal Reference (continued)

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Policy adopted: January 11, 2005

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS   Hamden, Connecticut