Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3514 - Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment

Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment

No school equipment may be used for other than school purposes except when used in connection with another town agency or as requested by a local, state or federal governmental body. Approval may be granted by the Board of Education, through the Superintendent or his/her designee, when such use will reflect favorably upon the community and the school district.

The Board of Education shall permit school equipment to be loaned to staff members when such use is directly or peripherally related to their employment and to students when the equipment is to be used in direct connection with their studies.

Administrators shall be authorized to release equipment assigned to their building or department in accordance with this policy.

"Equipment" is defined as any movable hardware that is not normally identified as a part of a room or building, including chairs, risers, portable stages, audio-visual equipment, tools, physical education equipment, computers, etc.

Controls shall be established to assure the care and return of all such equipment. The person or organization granted use of school equipment shall assume full liability for its damage or loss.

Policy Revised - First Reading: June 21, 2016

Policy Adopted: September 13, 2016

Hamden Public Schools


If other than Hamden Public School employee

Name of Agency/Entity: _______________________

Name of Agency/Entity Representative:__________________

Agency/Entity Address: _____________________

Phone Number: __________________________

If Hamden Public School employee

Name: ______________________________

Phone Number: __________________________


Equipment Requested: _________________________

Purpose of Request: _________________________

Location of Equipment (Name of School): __________________

Loan Period Requested (from date; return date): ________________

Where Equipment will be used during Loan Period: _______________

I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for proper care and use of the equipment.

Signature ______________________  Date ____________

Hamden administrator authorizing use of equipment: ________________

Signature ______________________  Date _______________