Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3513 - Use of School Facilities

Use of School Facilities

The Board of Education may make the school facilities available for use by town agencies, organizations and groups, provided such use does not interfere with school programs.

It is the Board's intention to allow use of school facilities for activities of an educational, cultural, civic, social, recreational, governmental and general political nature which are to be sponsored by responsible local persons, organizations, agencies or institutions, as permitted by law.

The following types of activities will not be allowed:

  1. Activities advocating the violent overthrow of the federal, state or local government.
  2. Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment of the school system.
  3. Any purpose in conflict with school activities.
  4. Fund-raising campaigns except as permitted by vote of the Board.
  5. Activities which are discriminatory in the legal sense.

Applications for all activities will be filed at the Office of the Board of Education on prescribed forms.

The Superintendent or his/her designee will have the right to act on all applications. The Superintendent, however, may refer any individual request to the Board for its action.

All fees and policies associated with the use on facilities by other than school groups will be set by the Board of Education.

Scheduling the use of school facilities will be done with energy conservation in mind. The Board reserves the right to consolidate activities in order to accomplish this goal.

The consumption of alcohol or tobacco products is prohibited at anytime.

Policy adopted: December 10, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hamden, Connecticut

Community Use of School Facilities

Rules and Regulations

For the Use of the Hamden Public School Buildings for Other Than Regular School Purposes

Processing Fee: $45.00

  1. The use of the Hamden Public School Buildings for other than regular schoolwork is under the direct control of the Board of Education. All applications for the use thereof must be made to the Board of Education on the blank form prescribed for that purpose. The application must state in every detail the purpose and nature of the activity for which the building is to be used and must be signed by three responsible persons who will be held responsible for any damage or loss of property arising from such use.
  2. When permission for the use of any building has been granted the Board will appoint a custodian and/or security personnel to act as its personal representative. This appointee is to supervise the meeting and enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Board with power to close the meeting if it is not held in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. Custodian(s) will report a minimum of one-half hour before scheduled time and remain a minimum of one-half hour after close of event. There will be a minimum charge of three hours of custodial coverage for any event.
  3. If police attendance is necessary (to be determined by the Administration), the persons in charge of the event will be required to provide such police attendance and give the Police Permit Number to the Board of Education.
  4. The building is to be used only on the date specified and for the purpose named in the permit.
  5. A permit can be canceled without notice provided its provisions or intent are violated in any way, and the Board of Education or its representatives shall be the sole judge of such violation. Also, the Board of Education reserves the right to cancel a permit should a school function be in conflict with the permitted event.
  6. A permit is not transferable.
  7. A permit is not valid unless signed by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  8. The use of this building is granted under the following specific restrictions: No food or refreshments are to be served or eaten on the premise, unless specifically mentioned in contract. Food or drink is not to be brought into gymnasium, auditorium or pool. Violation of this provision may result in immediate revocation of the permit and is grounds for future denials. 
  9. When use of a kitchen is required, details must be worked out in consultation with the food services contractor, who will determine whether a cafeteria worker will be needed. If a cafeteria worker is needed, the permittee will be responsible for the cost.
  10. When use of audio visual or television equipment is needed, details must be worked out in consultation with the Director of Fine Arts (high school and middle school) or the building media specialist (elementary schools). If it is determined a technician is needed, the permittee will be responsible for the cost.
  11. Use of auditoriums does not include use of theatrical lighting or sound equipment. If needed, use of equipment must be worked out in consultation with the Director of Fine Arts. If it is determined a technician is needed, the permittee will be responsible for the cost.
  12. A statement of insurance to cover loss or damage to equipment must be presented to the Superintendent prior to approval. (Board Policy #1330.2) 1
  13. We cannot reserve any date(s) before receipt of this application. Therefore, return this application as soon as possible.


Regulation approved: June 14, 2005 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hamden, Connecticut