Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3440 - Equipment


An equipment item is any instrument, machine, apparatus, or set of articles which meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It retains its original shape, appearance, and character with use;
  2. It does not lose its identity through fabrication or incorporation into a different or more complex unit or substance;
  3. It is non-expendable; that is, if the item is damaged or some of its parts are lost or worn out, it is more feasible to repair the item than to replace it with an entirely new unit;
  4. Under normal conditions of use, including reasonable care and maintenance, it can be expected to serve its principal purpose for at least one year.


An inventory of equipment shall be maintained by the Director of Finance, Management and Operations. All items whose current value exceeds $500 shall be included in the inventory. The equipment inventory shall serve both the functions of control and conservation. The inventory shall include at least the description, name, date of acquisition, identification numbers, original cost, and location of use of all items. A record of the date and mode of disposal of all equipment removed from the inventory shall also be kept.


Policy adopted: October 8, 2002 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Hamden, Connecticut