Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3250 - Materials/Service Fees, Charges

Materials/Service Fees, Charges

In line with the responsibility of the state to provide a free public school education, the Board of Education will provide all instructional materials needed to maintain the desired program free of charge, subject to reasonable rules concerning their care and use.

Copies of Records Any person who applies in writing will receive a plain or certified copy of any public record. The maximum fee per page allowable under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act will be charged.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

  • 1-15 Application for copies of public records
  • 10-221 Boards of Education to prescribe rules
  • 10-228 Free textbooks, supplies, material and equipment.
  • 10-228a Free textbooks, supplies, material and equipment.
  • 10-229 Change of textbooks.


Policy adopted: October 8, 2002 

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS    Hamden, Connecticut