Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3200 - School District Receipt of Money

School District Receipt of Money

Money received by the Hamden School District is deposited with the Director of Finance of the Town of Hamden for inclusion in the General Fund.

Exceptions to this procedure are receipts of money properly handled within the School Activity Funds, the School Lunch Fund, Green Dragon Enterprise Funds, School Athletic Association Fund, Grant Funds, Adult Education Enrichment Fund, Scholarship Trust Funds and funds collected for school readiness preschools and the Special Education Transition Academy.

Receipts from federal grants which require that such funds not be commingled with local money are deposited in a separate account.

Monies collected by school district employees and by student organizations shall be handled with good and prudent business procedures both to demonstrate the ability of school system employees to operate in that fashion and to teach such procedures to the students.

In no case shall monies be left overnight in schools except in safes, and even then no more than $100 should so be kept. All activity funds shall provide for making bank deposits after regular banking hours in order to avoid leaving money in schools overnight.

Legal Reference:10-248, OE Regulations for TitleI and Title VI Federal Regulations


Policy adopted: October 8, 2002


Policy revised:December 14, 2004

Hamden, Connecticut