Hamden Public Schools District Policies

3160 - Transfer of Funds Between Categories: Amendments

Transfer of Funds Between Categories: Amendments

The Board of Education may transfer any unexpended or uncontracted-for portion of any appropriation for school purposes to any other item of such itemized estimate, but expenditures shall not exceed the appropriation made by the fiscal authority combined with such money as may be received from other sources for school purposes.The Superintendent is authorized to transfer funds from any line item in an amount less that $25,000,under emergency conditions, if the urgent need for the transfers prevents the Board from meeting in a timely fashion to consider such transfer. All transfers made in such instances shall be announced at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. The definition of line item, as used in this policy, is defined as the object code.

Legal Reference:Connecticut General Statutes

10-222 Appropriations and budget (as amended by PA 98-141)