Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2300 - Code of Professional Responsibility

The Hamden Board of Education recognizes and endorses the Connecticut Code of Professional Responsibility for School Administrators. This Code establishes the principles and standards that all school administrators are expected to abide by. The Superintendent of Schools shall ensure that candidates for administrator positions demonstrate knowledge of this Code prior to employment. Furthermore, each administrator in the school district Is expected to remain familiar with the Code and fulfill its mandate as follows: 

Responsibility to the Student

The professional school administrator, In full recognition of obligations to the student shall:

  1. Make the well-being of students the fundamental value In all decision-making and actions;
  2. Recognize, respect and uphold the dignity and worth of students as Individuals and deal justly and considerately with students;
  3. Promote in students pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom, and provide access to all points of view without deliberate distortion of subject matter;
  4. Nurture In students lifelong respect and compassion for themselves and other human beings regardless of race, ethnic origin, gender, social class, disablllty, religion or sexual orientation;
  5. Foster In students the full understanding, application and preservation of democratic principles and processes;
  6. Guide students to acquire the required skills and understandings for participatory citizenship and to realize their obligation to be worthy and contributing members of society;
  7. Assist students In the formulation of positive goals;
  8. Promote the right and freedom of students to learn, explore ideas, develop learning skills and acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve their full potential;
  9. Develop within students fundamental critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques;
  10. Ensure quality education for all students;
  11. Maintain confidentiality of all Information concerning students obtained in the proper course of the educational process and dispense the Information when prescribed or directed by law, governing Board policy or professional practice;
  12. Ensure that all students are provided educational opportunities In environments safe from sexual, physical and emotional abuse; and
  13. Promote ongoing development and evaluation of curriculum.

Responsibility to the Profession and Staff

The professional school administrator, in full recognition of obligations to the profession, shall:

  1. Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, realizing that one's behavior reflects directly upon the status and substance of the profession;
  2. Engage In administrative, supervisory and evaluative practices with staff members and provide leadership to ensure the highest standards of services for students;
  3. Encourage student learning through the effective support of all staff engaged in the learning process;
  4. Encourage the participation of administrators and teachers In the process of curriculum development and educational decision-making;
  5. Maintain the standards and seek to improve the effectiveness of the profession through research and continuing professional development for self and staff;
  6. Promote the employment of only qualified, certified educators, and qualified noncertified staff;
  7. Encourage promising, qualified and competent individuals to enter the education profession; and
  8. Maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained in the proper course of one's administrative duties and dispense the Information when prescribed or directed by law, governing board policy or professional practice.

Responsibility to the Community

The professional school administrator, In full recognition of the public trust vested In the education profession, shall:

  1. Be cognizant of the influence of school administrators upon the community at large and, therefore not knowingly misrepresent facts or make false statements;
  2. Obey local, state and national laws;
  3. Implement the governing board policies and administrative rules and regulations;
  4. Encourage the community to exercise its responsibility to be involved in the formulation of educational policy;
  5. Pursue appropriate measure to address those laws, policies and regulations that are inconsistent with sound educational goals;
  6. Avoid misusing administrative position for personal gain;
  7. Honor professional contracts until fulfillment, release or dissolution mutually agreed upon by all parties to contracts;
  8. Promote the principles and Ideals of democratic citizenship; and
  9. Endeavor to secure equal educational opportunities for all children.

Responsibility to the Student's Family

The professional school administrator, In full recognition of the responsibility to the student's family, shall:

  1. Respect the dignity of each family, Its culture, customs and beliefs;
  2. Promote and maintain appropriate, ongoing and timely written and oral communications with the family;
  3. Respond In a timely fashion to families' concerns;
  4. Consider the family's perspective on Issues Involving Its children;
  5. Encourage participation of the family in the educational process; and
  6. Foster open communication among the family, staff and administrators.


Legal Reference: Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies 10-145d-400b

Code of Professional Responsibility for School Administrators

10-145d-11 Educator preparation program approval standards

First Reading: October 13, 2015