Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2230 - Reports and Record-Keeping: Administration

Reports and Record-Keeping: Administration

The Superintendent will insure that all legally required and other appropriate and necessary records are maintained on file for the Hamden School System, including financial accounts, business records, property inventories, personnel information, school population and scholastic records, and other information appropriate to Central Office operation.

The Superintendent of Schools is the Custodian of Records for all records maintained in the Central Office.

All Central Office records will be stored as required by state or federal statute and regulations either in fireproof files or other suitable storage containers and will be treated according to the general provisions governing public records and outlined in Policy 5125 - Student Records and its accompanying regulations.

(cf. Policy 5125 - Student Records)

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

1-18 Disposition of original documents.

1-19 Access to public records. Exempt records.

1-19a Disclosure of computer-stored public records. Contracts. Acquisition of system, equipment, software to store or retrieve non-exempt public records.

1-19b Agency administration.

1-20a Public employment contract as public record.

1-21 Meetings of government agencies to be public.

10-15b Access of parent or guardian to student's records. Inspection and subpoena of school or student records.

10-209 Records not to be public.


Policy adopted: March 10, 1998

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