Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2140 - Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools 

The Hamden Board of Education will elect and fix the term of office and salary of a Superintendent who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and has authority and responsibility for the supervision of the school system. As the Chief Executive Officer, the Superintendent shall have complete administrative oversight of the school system and shall be responsible for the efficient operation of the system in all its divisions.

The Superintendent has the general authority to act at his/her discretion upon all emergency matters. Full details of such action must be reported to the Board at the earliest possible time. (cf. 2210 - Administrative Leeway in Absence of Policy)

The Board shall provide a written contract of employment which includes salary, benefits and term of office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall perform such other duties and exercise such other authority as may be required of or conferred upon him/her by law or by the Board.

Each year, the Board will evaluate the Superintendent in accordance with guidelines and criteria mutually determined and agreed upon by both the Board and the Superintendent.


The requirements for certification will be those determined by the State Board of Education (sec. 10-146-98 of the State Board of Education Regulations).

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes 10-157 Superintendents


Policy adopted: March 10, 1998

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