Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2121 - Lines of Responsibility

Lines of Responsibility

Lines of responsibility in the Hamden School System shall be structured to:

  1. Develop educational programs most appropriate for students.
  2. Clarify responsibility from students through teachers, administrators and the Superintendent to the Board of Education.
  3. Inform each member of the staff to whom s/he is responsible and for what functions.
  4. Make each member of the staff responsible to only one immediate supervisor for any one function, whenever possible.
  5. Designate a person to whom a staff member can appeal a disagreement with the person to whom the staff member is directly responsible.
  6. Inform each staff member to whom he/she can seek assistance in working out his/her own functions in the system program.
  7. Keep each staff member advised of the policies, functions, and progress of the Hamden School System.


Policy adopted: March 10, 1998

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS     Hamden, Connecticut