Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2112 - Professional Development

Professional Development

The Board of Education recognizes the importance of professional development opportunities for new and experienced administrators. As leaders of the school system, administrators' active participation in professional development provides positive role models for other staff and students by enacting dual roles of teacher and learner. Formal acknowledgment of the importance of these reciprocal roles and responsibilities will lead to sustained professional growth and learning among administrative staff, which will, in turn, benefit the school community.

A philosophy that promotes continued learning for all educators should permeate professional development programs and practices. The philosophy should specifically support different learning needs, based on experience, and an investment in the professional growth of future school leaders:

  1. Innovative programs should be developed and established for teachers who aspire to administrative positions. A special effort should be made to encourage women and minorities to seek administrative positions.
  2. For new administrators, a comprehensive orientation program should include broad-based exposure to district practices and resources and provision of mentor support from experienced administrators.
  3. For experienced administrators, flexible professional development opportunities should be entertained, allowing for career advancement support and long-term areas of professional pursuit.

All administrators should be exposed to professional growth opportunities and educational practices that address ways to foster diversity and equity in the school community. Professional development programs should be developed to assist and alert participants to issues related to the impact of racial, ethnic, and gender bias in the classroom, in the schools, and in the broader community.



Policy adopted: March 10, 1998

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