Hamden Public Schools District Policies

2000.1 Board Superintendent Relationship

Board-Superintendent Relationship 

The Superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the Board of Education and shall be responsible for the professional leadership and skill necessary to translate the will of the Board into administrative action. 

The Superintendent shall be responsible for all aspects of school operation and for such duties and powers pertaining thereto as the Board may direct or delegate. The Superintendent may delegate responsibility and the authority necessary to discharge it to other officials and so develop such procedures and regulations as he/she considers necessary to ensure efficient operation of the schools.

The Board assumes that the Superintendent is professionally able and possesses outstanding qualities of leadership, vision and administrative skill, and that the Superintendent will implement all policies of the Board in good faith.

The Superintendent can assume that the Board will respect the Superintendent's professional competence and extend to him/her full responsibility for implementation of Board policy decisions. It is 
incumbent on the Superintendent to recognize policy implications of administrative problems which arise. In order that the Superintendent may provide effective leadership, the Board will delegate to the Superintendent those powers which it considers advisable to do so. The Superintendent can expect the Board to support the Superintendent's decisions and administration of the school system. 

Hiring of Personnel 
The hiring of qualified individuals to serve as teachers and administrators within our school system is arguably the single most important function of the school district's leadership team. As such, it is essential that the Board of Education and the Superintendent understand their roles within the hiring process and work together to ensure that only the best and most qualified individuals are hired to work with our children. 

The Superintendent is responsible for the hiring of all teaching and classified staff. The Superintendent will give regular and timely reports of all teaching vacancies, transfers and new hires to the Board of Education. 

The Superintendent will be responsible for the posting of all administrative positions, recruitment, and screening of candidates. The Board members will be invited to participate in interview committees comprised of administrators and other stakeholders. 

(cf. 2151 - Hiring School Administration) 
(cf. 4111 - Personnel-Recruitment and Selection) 

Policy Adopted: November 10, 2015 
Policy Revised: May 2018 

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