Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1412- Fire Department


Community Relations
Fire Department

Members of the fire department and the town fire marshal play a vital role in the school safety program. The Superintendent of Schools and administrative staff shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Establish and maintain relationships with the local fire marshal and fire departments.
  2. Work with the faculty in determining the nature and timing of the department's participation in the school program.
  3. Coordinate and supervise planned activities.

As necessary or appropriate, administrators shall seek the advice and cooperation of the fire marshal and fire department in:

  1. Planning and conduct of fire drills.
  2. Fire prevention education.
  3. First aid, especially in fire related incidents.
  4. Conforming to state and local fire codes.

(cf. 6610 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness)

Policy adopted: November 12, 1997 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  Hamden, Connecticut