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1331- Smoking on School Facilities


Community Relations 
Smoke Free Environment 

In accordance with law and to promote the health and safety of all students and staff, the District prohibits all employees, students and visitors from smoking or using tobacco or tobacco products in all school facilities, buildings, on school grounds and buses or other District transportation at all times, including athletic events and meetings or at any time when the student is subject to the supervision of designated school personnel, such as when the student is at any school function, extracurricular event, field trip, or school related activity such as a work-study program. 
Tobacco includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, snuff, smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco, nicotine delivering devices, chemicals or devices that produce the same flavor or physical effect of nicotine substances; and any other tobacco or nicotine innovations. 
This prohibition extends to all facilities the District owns/operates, contracts for or leases to provide educational services, routine health care, daycare or early childhood development services to children, as well as facilities in which services are not provided to children. 


Electronic nicotine delivery system means an electronic device that may be used to simulate smoking in the delivery of nicotine or other substance to a person inhaling from the device, and includes, but is not limited to, an electronic cigarette, electronic cigar, electronic cigarillo, electronic pipe or electronic hookah and any related device and any cartridge or other component of such device. 
Liquid nicotine container means a container that holds a liquid substance containing nicotine that is sold, marketed or intended for use in an electronic nicotine delivery system or vapor product, except "liquid nicotine container" does not include such a container that is prefilled and sealed by the manufacturer and not intended to be opened by the consumer. 
Vapor product means any product that employs a heating element, power source, electronic circuit or other electronic, chemical or mechanical means, regardless of shape or size, to produce a vapor that may or may not include nicotine that is inhaled by the user of such product. 
This prohibition does not apply to any private residence or any portion of a facility that is used for inpatient hospital treatment of individuals dependent on, or addicted to, drugs or alcohol in which the District provides services. 

In addition, the prohibition does not apply to a classroom where a demonstration of the use of an electronic nicotine delivery system or vapor product is taking place as part of a medical or scientific experiment or lesson. 
A sign shall be posted on school premises indicating that smoking, including the use of e­cigarettes is prohibited by state law. 

(cf. 1120 Board of Education Meetings} 
(cf. 1330 Use of School Facilities} 
(cf. 4118.231/4218.231 Employee Smoking, Drinking, and Use of Drugs on School Premises) 
(cf. 5131.6 Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol} 

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Policy adopted: November 12, 1997 HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS
Policy Amended: April 18, 2017 Hamden, Connecticut