Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1324- Fund Raising

Fund Raising 

The Hamden Board of Education recognizes that certain types of fundraising activities will enhance the relationship between school and community and will contribute to the improvement of the school program. The Board also recognizes that businesses, cultural and community organizations hold an interest in the quality of public education and, from time to time, offer to support that interest with a variety of contributions to the school district. School districts, however, are public institutions fully supported by taxes and the Board has a clear responsibility to protect students, staff, and their families from exploitation by special interests including, but not limited to, economic, environmental and political exploitation. The Board also recognizes that exploitation works both ways. A potential donor may feel unduly pressured, either directly or indirectly, when solicited to contribute to a program promoted by the school system.

Application for Solicitation of Funds

The Board of Education requires all organizations wishing to conduct fundraising activities within the school system to file a district application form for approval prior to the implementation of these activities.

Solicitation of Funds from and by Students, Staff and School Sanctioned Parent Organizations The Board of Education established the following acceptance criteria:

  1. There shall be sufficient educational or financial benefits to the school and/or students, either directly or indirectly, to justify the fundraising activity.
  2. Fundraising shall be in good taste and appropriate for the school district.
  3. Fundraising shall be limited to Board-approved activities; activities sponsored by faculty, students, and school-related parent organizations for nonprofit school benefits; or educational and recreational activities sponsored by agencies of the town government.
  4. Solicitation of funds from businesses or other outside organizations shall be with the understanding that public recognition for contributions shall be appropriate and balanced.
  5. Funds raised from the activity will be applied to a specific school system-related project.
  6. The fundraising mechanics or procedures will not unacceptably burden staff or subject the school to unnecessary risks or responsibility. Community Relations Solicitation of Funds (continued) 1324(b) Solicitation of Funds from and by Students, Staff and School Sanctioned Parent Organizations (continued)
  7. Instructional time will not be used to conduct or promote fundraising activities except in cases where it is an integral part of the curriculum.
  8. School employees will not be approached during school hours for the purpose of soliciting funds or selling goods.
  9. Handling and accounting of fundraising material shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring group.

Solicitation of Funds from and by Students

The following additional criteria shall be applied to solicitation by students:

1. Elementary school students will not participate in door-to-door sales or canvassing.

2. Elementary or middle school fundraising will not result in profit or advertisement for any commercial enterprise except when profits are realized in conjunction with the following:

A. Annual all-school fundraising events of one week or less (e.g., fairs, bazaars).

B. Fundraising activities designed to acquire funds for approved field trips.

C. Class pictures.

D. And other events approved by the Superintendent.

3. Under no circumstances shall students be required to solicit and no mandatory quotas shall be imposed upon them.

4. Commercial enterprise for private profit will be allowed only for the purchase of goods and services approved in advance by the Superintendent for student activities.

5. Activities related to fundraising shall not occur during instructional time.


Policy adopted: November 12, 1997


Hamden, Connecticut

Community Relations Soliciting of Funds Application Procedure 1324

1. All requests to conduct fundraising shall be submitted in writing at least 15 days prior to the proposed activity through the Superintendent.

2. The request shall identify the name of the school name of the individual submitting the request, name of sponsoring individual or organization, fundraising activity dates, purposes of the fundraising activity, nature of the fundraising activity, anticipated expenses and profits.

3. At his or her option, the Superintendent may refer specific cases to the Board for decision.


Regulation approved: November 12, 1997


Hamden, Connecticut