Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1322 - Student Contests

Student Contests

Contests and competitions for the students may be considered for approval by the Superintendent in consultation with the building administration. The following criteria are to be considered in determining whether or not approval may be given:

  1. The contest is educationally sound and worthy.
  2. The contest is stimulating to the student and school and desirable for both.
  3. The contest must not place an undue burden on the students, families, teachers, and the school.
  4. The contest will not require students to promote specific commercial projects, products or services or sectarian viewpoints.
  5. The contest will not take students from school unnecessarily. Participation in activities sponsored by state and national principal groups will be considered. Participation in secondary school contests, from the list of approved contests published by the Connecticut Association of Schools will be considered.

(cf. 1140 - Students/Community)


Policy adopted: November 12, 1997

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