Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1321 - Public Performances by Students

Public Performances by Students

The Board of Education recognizes the educational value of student participation in civic and community affairs.

Teachers are encouraged to prepare students for public performances that contribute to student education. Such preparation and performances should not interfere unduly with other educational activities or programs.

School groups and individuals may, with the permission of the principal, participate in local public events which fall into the following classifications:

  1. Events sponsored by the schools. Educational events in which the school is the host will have priority in scheduling appearances.
  2. Community functions in the interests of the school, such as those originated by the PTA or other parent group.
  3. Non-commercial civic occasions of local, state or national interest.
  4. Events that are primarily patriotic in nature, such as Veteran's Day.
  5. Other events as approved in advance by the Superintendent.
  6. Programs sponsored by established character-building agencies, or programs sponsored jointly by the school system and mass communication media, of a public nature.

School groups may not participate in events that fall into any of the following classifications:

  1. Events for private gain for advertising any commercial project, product or service. A school name, the names of school-sponsored groups or school equipment will not be exploited in any commercial event.
  2. Events for furtherance of any politically partisan interest. In questionable cases, the matter shall be referred to the Superintendent for his/her review.
  3. Events primarily for the furtherance of any religious concern.
  4. Non-school events which unduly interfere with regular school programs, or that require excessive time for rehearsal or preparation.


Policy adopted: November 12, 1997


Hamden, Connecticut