Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1313 - Gifts to School Personnel

Gifts to School Personnel

Gifts from Suppliers and/or Contractors

The members of the Board of Education and its employees wish to avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the school district in dealing with suppliers, contractors and all organizations or individuals doing or seeking to do business with the regional school district.

The Board of Education requests that suppliers and potential suppliers do not include the name of any individual connected with the school district on their gift lists.

Gifts to Board Members and School Employees

No Board member or school employee shall directly or indirectly solicit or accept any gift; in the form of money, services, loan, travel, entertainment, hospitality, or any other form, having a value of twenty-five dollars ($25) or more under circumstances in which it could be reasonably inferred that the gift was intended to influence the Board member or employee in the performance of his/her official duties or was intended as a reward for any official action on his/her part.

Gifts between Students and Teachers

Gifts between students and teachers shall not be encouraged.

(cf. 3313 - Relations with Vendors)

(cf. 9270 - Conflict of Interest)

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

7-479 Conflicts of interest.


Policy adopted: November 12, 1997


Hamden, Connecticut