Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1140 - Distribution of Materials by Students

Distribution of Materials by Students 

Printed materials may be distributed to parents by students as inexpensive means of mass communications providing:

  1. The materials relate to the school, community, local recreational or civic activities within the town of Hamden.
  2. Organizations who distributed materials in the past that do not meet this criteria can continue to distribute.
  3. The materials do not promote any political party or candidate.
  4. The materials do not relate to any religious belief or activity, or promote private gain, or political position.
  5. Distribution of materials must be content neutral and show a disclaimer stating: Hamden Public Schools do not necessarily endorse the activity or service.

Requests from groups or individuals to have students distribute materials to parents or other citizens of the community will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools or designee for approval.

On issues to be decided at referenda, information distributed by school personnel or Board of Education members, whether through students or otherwise, may only provide information on the time, date, and location of the referenda and may not advocate positions on the referenda questions.

Budget/Referendum Materials

Information concerning a budget or referendum, specifying only the time, date, location, and question or proposal may be disseminated through the students. This information may not contain statements, or be written in a manner which may advocate a position on the budget or on a referendum question.

Non·school Activities: The Board of Education recognizes that worthy educational values may be served by pupil participation in civic and community affairs when such performances contribute to the educational process and objectives of that particular dass and when they do not interfere with other classes or activities within the school. Pupil participation in appropriate civic and community affairs is encouraged.

Materials relative to such programs may be distributed to students for the purpose of company recognition rather than advertising and therefore shall be limited to include only the company name or logo when deemed appropriate by the Superintendent or his or her designee.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes 9-369  Explanatory test relating to local questions.


Policy adopted: December 13, 2005


Hamden, Connecticut