Hamden Public Schools District Policies

1112.5 - Media Access to Students

Media Access to Students

The Board recognizes the important role the media serves In reporting information about the district's program, services and activities. Therefore, the district will make every reasonable effort to provide access to students when a request Is made by the media.

School principals shall be authorized to grant permission and set parameters for media access to students In their respective schools. Building administrators shall Inform the Superintendent any time news media personnel are present at the schools; such notification shall include the stated purpose of the news media visit.

Media representatives shall be required to report to the administration for prior approval before accessing students Involved In Instructional programs and activities not attended by the general public. For activities attended by the general public, Including school athletic and performing arts events, permission shall not generally be required.

Media representatives wishing to photograph or Identify particular students must obtain parental or guardian consent. Such permission shall not be required before photographs, videotapes, and/or articles referring to students Involved in athletic and performing arts events may be published.

District employees may release student Information to the media only In accordance with applicable provisions of the education records law and Board policies governing directory Information and personally identifiable information.

Parents will be advised of the district's media access to student policy at the time of the student's registration and each fall In the student/parent handbook. At the time of registration parents will have the option of granting permission for their students to be photographed or videotaped. If the permission form Is not completed by the parent then permission to be photographed or videotaped will not be granted. Parents may change their students' permission In writing at any time.

(cf. 5125 - Student Records; Confidentiality Access to Student Records and Confidentiality)

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes

  • 1-213 Access to public records. Exempt records.
  • 10-209 Records not to be public.
  • Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, Sec. 438, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g (1988).
  • Title I -Amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (PL 105·17).


First Reading: November 10, 2015

Policy Adopted:  December 8, 2015