Hamden Public Schools District Policies

0200   Goals for the Hamden Public Schools

Introduction: The terms "goal", "objective", and "performance objective" parallel those given in an American Association of School Administrators Handbook 1 :

Goal: "A goal statement is one step more precise than a mission statement. Many goal statements may come out of a mission declaration. Each describes a desired terminal point to be reached sometime in the future to fulfill the mission, and general directions to pursue the mission. A goal statement, likewise, remains too broad to be useful in identifying specific operational activities. A goal is seen by some as a "broad objective". It must be broken down further if its declarations and outcomes are to serve as guides to action."

Objective: "An objective is an outcome statement that is consistent with and grows out of a related goal statement. It is a more specific expression of a position, behavior, process, or product to be achieved by a major operational division of an organization over a shorter time period. It is a desired outcome that is capable of being measured with specificity."

Performance Objective: "Performance objectives are more sharply focused on specific objectives. Usually they describe outcomes that are measurable and achievable relatively quickly. They are likely to be set primarily for categories, departments, or units within an organization for specific administrators."

These goals are presented with the full realization that the school is only one of several social institutions or influences affecting the child. Its contribution is modified by the intellectual, social, emotional, and affective potentialities that each child brings to the school environment. Our intent is that the school should contribute as fully as possible to the development of each child in the directions indicated by the goals stated. It is the responsibility of the School Administration and Staff to delineate and update those educational objectives and performance objectives which at each school level will best achieve the goals as stated, together with the means to evaluate periodically the attainment of such objectives. Only then will these goals have full meaning.

To implement the Philosophy of the Hamden Public Schools, we accept this charge:

  1. to enable students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally by encouraging them to accept responsibility and to understand the consequences of their decisions;
  2. to provide students with opportunities to master basic skills essential to competent functioning in society, including the ability to read, write, listen, and speak and view proficiently; to manipulate basic mathematical concepts; and to acquire a general knowledge of the sciences;
  3. to enable students to apply knowledge, problem-solving techniques, creativity, and current technology from the various disciplines to the challenges presented by our changing society and physical environment;
  4. to enable students to pursue independent thought and research through both assigned and self-initiated projects;
  5. to enable students to explore the world’s cultural heritage through experiences which help to broaden social awareness;
  6. to provide curricular and co-curricular activities which will give students the opportunity to grow aesthetically, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially through interaction with others;
  7. to provide appropriate programs and services for students with special intellectual, physical, and emotional needs;
  8. to enable students to develop aesthetic appreciation through integral experiences in art, music, science, literature, and languages;
  9. to enable students to acquire the skills necessary for intellectual growth using Educational Information Services and programs, and instruction in the use of appropriate resources to support their learning;
  10. to enable students to develop as healthy individuals by providing lifeskills through health and physical education programs and health services;
  11. to enable students to develop personal and vocational skills through appropriate grade level experiences in foreign language, practical, and technical arts;
  12. to enable students to meet their academic, personal, social, emotional, and vocational needs through guidance, counseling, and special services;
  13. to enable students to learn the responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy, emphasizing participation in global, national, and community affairs through practical curricula and cocurricular activities in the social sciences;
  14. to enhance the capabilities of the staff by setting expectations and by providing opportunities for growth through professional development and other experiences;
  15. to foster greater community understanding and support by encouraging citizen involvement in school activities and programs;
  16. to provide a safe and orderly environment conducive to the learning process.


Policy adopted: December 9, 1997

HAMDEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS     Hamden, Connecticut