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Energy Conservation Program 

Recently, the Hamden Public Schools Board of Education has been examining ways to use our limited funds most effectively and efficiently. Related to facilities in particular, the Board took proactive steps to reduce the amount of money we spend on utilities, and entered into a partnership with Cenergistic, an energy conservation company. For over three decades, Cenergistic has helped school districts and other educational organizations nationwide reduce energy consumption, allowing funds to stay where we need them – in the classroom.

Ultimately, the success of our Energy Program will enable us to save jobs, including teaching positions, as well as maintain important programs.

Please note these important features of the program:

  • Student and staff comfort and security will be the top priority of our Energy Conservation Program.
  • This Energy Conservation Program does not require the district to increase its utility budget, purchase new energy equipment, or upgrade existing equipment.
  • The program is financially risk-free.
  • The program focuses on organizational behavior-based changes, and in order to be successful, the complete cooperation and participation of all staff and students is required.
  • This is not a short-term “green project.” It is a comprehensive, rigorous, and sustainable energy program that will help us save money for years to come.
  • The program will require each of us to change some habits affecting how we use our energy resources in each building, school, office and classroom. 

Staff will soon receive additional information as we prepare to launch our Energy Conservation Program. The school board and district leadership are excited at the opportunity this program will provide in allowing us to save energy dollars while conserving our natural resources.

You may see this new, friendly face working in our schools this fall - he is Cenergistic Energy Consultant, Joey Hearn. Joey will be helping our school district kick-off this new initiative. Joey is from Florida where he lives with his wife, Jodie and two children, Lily & Brylie.  (Just wait until he sees one of our Hamden Winters!!!) :-) Joey started his career with Cenergistic 4 years ago as an Energy Specialist in Nassau County Florida, where he was a teacher in the school district for 10 years.  In his time as Energy Specialist, Joey was able to help the district avoid approximately $3 million in utility costs.  Joey will bring his expertise and experience to Hamden Public Schools until an Energy Specialists is hired in the coming months.

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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