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Hamden Public Schools Student Data Privacy Information

The Hamden Public Schools district has always taken very seriously the issue of student data privacy. A new Connecticut law that came into full effect on July 1, 2018 has very strict and specific requirements that Connecticut school districts must assure are in place for any online tool, application or other program that collects student data in any way. It requires districts enter into contracts with service providers to assure compliance with the law (CT 16-189).

Information related to privacy for online tools in use in our district is posted in the spreadsheet below. In many cases, the providers have signed the CT Privacy Pledge with the State of Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology, agreeing to oblige by the requirements of the law, and those are linked in the table in lieu of a privacy contract between the provider and Hamden Public Schools.

Product Name Vendor Name HPS or CT-Vendor Privacy Contract Vendor
Privacy Policy
PowerSchool      Pearson www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge PowerSchool Privacy Policy

School Messenger

West Interactive Service Corporation www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge School Messenger Privacy Statement
Google Apps for Education, Google Drive, Forms, Hangouts, Maps, Earth, Search, Sheets, Slides, Translate, Docs  Google www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Google Privacy Statements
IEP Direct  Frontline Technologies   Frontline Technologies Privacy Statement
Moby Max  Moby Max IIC

HPS-MobyMax Privacy Contract
www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge

MobyMax Privacy Policy
Naviance   www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge
Naviance Privacy Policy
Follett Destiny Library  Manager  Follett www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge FollettLearning Privacy Policy
Lexia Core 5  Lexia Learning  www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Lexia Learning Privacy Policy 
Discovery Education  Discovery Education www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Discovery Education Privacy Policy
Khan Academy  Khan Academy www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Khan Academy Privacy Policy
Readathon  Read-a-thon.com HPS-Readathon Privacy Pledge Read-a-thon Privacy Statement
iReady   Curriculum Associates HPS-Curriculum Associates Privacy Agreement Curriculum Associates Privacy Policy 
Turn it In  TurnItIn, LLC www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Turn it in Privacy Policy
MS Office  Microsoft www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Microsoft Privacy Policy
Kahoot!  Kahoot! www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Kahoot! Privacy Policy
Noodle Tools  Noodle Tools www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge  Noodle Tools Privacy Policy
Imagine Learning  Imagine Learning www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Imagine Learning Privacy Policy
Gale Databases  Gale cENGAGE Learning www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Gale cENGAGE Learning Privacy Policy
Dragon Naturally Speaking  Dragon www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Dragon Naturally Speaking Privacy Policy
Dreambox  Dreambox Learning www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Dreambox Learning Privacy Policy
Rosetta Stone  Rosetta Stone www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Rosetta Stone Privacy Statement 
Skype  Skype www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Skype Policy on Privacy 
Prezi  Prezi www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Prezi Privacy Policy
Pitsco  Pitsco Education /Synergy www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Pitsco/Synergy Privacy Policy
Code.org  Code.org www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge Code.org Privacy Policy
TypingClub.org  TypingClub www.ct.gov Privacy Pledge TypingClub Privacy Policy

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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