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District Policies:  Personnel- Certified and Non-Certified - Series 4000 

0. Concept and Roles in Personnel 4000 P
  A. Title IX 4000.1 P/R
1. Certified Personnel    
  A. Permanent Personnel    
       (1)     Recruitment and Selection 4111 P/R
                (a)  Affirmative Action: Equal Employment Opportunity 4111.1 P/R
       (2)      Appointment and Conditions of Employment    
                 (a)  Certification 4112.2 P
                 (b)  Health Examinations  4112.4 P/R
                 (b)  Security Check - Fingerprinting Policy/Regulation 4112.51/4212.51 P/R
                 (c)  Personnel Records 4112.6 P  T, A
                 (d)  Orientation 4112.7 P
                 (e)  Nepotism 4112.8 P
       (3)      Assignment 4113 T
                 (a)  Load/Scheduling/Hours of Employment 4113.1 T
                 (b)  Promotion/Demotion 4113.2 T, A
                 (c)  Work Year 4113.3 T, A
       (4)       Transfer/Reassignment 4114 T
       (5)       Evaluation Supervision 4115 P T, A
                  (a)  Coaches 4115.3 P/R
       (6)       Probationary/Tenure Status 4116 P
       (7)       Disciplinary Action/Suspensions/Dismissal 4117 P  T
                   (a)  Retirement 4117.1 P
                   (b)  Resignation 4117.2 P
                   (c)  Personnel Reduction 4117.3 T, A
                   (d)  Nonrenewal/Suspension 4117.4 P T
       (8)       Rights, Responsibilities and Duties 4118 P
                   (a)  Civil and Legal Rights    
                          (i)  Nondiscrimination 4118.11 P A
                                  (a)  Sexual Harassment 4118.112 P/R
                   (b)  Professional Responsibilities 4118.21 P
                          (i)   Conduct 4118.23 P
                                 (a)  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco 4118.231 P/R
                                        Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace  4118.232 P
                         (ii)   Staff/Student Non-Fraternization 4118.24 P
                   (c)  Duties of Personnel 4118.3 P
                   (d)  Electronic Monitoring 4118.4 P/R
                   (e)  Acceptable Computer Network Use 4118.5 P/R
                         Social Networking (Media) 4118.51 P/R
                   (f)   Cellular Telephone / 
                        District Issued Communication Devices
4118.6 P
                   (g)   Staff Conduct 4119 P
  B.  Temporary and Part Time Personnel    
        (1)       Substitute Teachers 4121 P
        (2)       Department Chairpersons 4127 P
        (3)       Continuing Education Faculty 4128 P
  C.  Activities    
        (1)       Professional Development 4131 P/R
                    Travel Expenses - Certified 4133/4233 P
        (2)       Tutoring 4134 P
        (3)       Organizations/Units 4135 P
        (4)       Soliciting and Selling 4137 P
        (5)       Non-School Employment 4138 P
  D.  Compensation and Related Benefits    
        (1)       Insurance/Health & Welfare Benefits 4144 P  T, A
        (2)       Employee Safety 4147 P
  E.   Leaves and Vacations 4150 P
        (1)       Short Term Leaves    
                    (a)  Personal Illness and Injury    
                          (i)  Industrial Accident/Illness 4151.11 P
        (2)       Long Term Leaves    
                    (a)  Personal/Family and Medical Leave Act 4152.6 P
2. Non-Certificated Personnel    
  A.  Permanent Personnel    
        (1)       Recruitment and Selection 4211 P/R
                    (a)  Affirmative Action: Equal Employment 
4211.1 P/R
        (2)       Appointment and Conditions of Employment    
                    (a)  Health Examinations 4212.4 P/R
                    (b)  Drug and Alcohol Testing for 
                         School Bus Drivers
4212.42 P
                    (c)  Personnel Records 4212.6 P
                    (d)  Nepotism 4212.8 P
        (3)       Assignment 4213 P
        (4)       Transfers and Promotions 4214 P  N
        (5)       Evaluation/Supervision 4215 P
        (6)       Hiring Clerical, Custodial, & Maintenance Staff 4216 P  C
        (7)       Disciplinary Action/Suspensions/Dismissal 4217 P
                   (a)  Retirement 4217.1 P  C, N
                   (b)   Resignation 4217.2 P
                   (c)   Dismissal/Suspension 4217.4 P
        (8)       Rights, Responsibilities and Duties 4218 P
                   (a)  Civil and Legal Rights    
                          (i)  Nondiscrimination 4218.11 P  C, N
                          (ii)  Sexual Harassment 4218.112 P/R
                   (b)  Professional Responsibilities    
                          (i)  Conduct and Dress 4218.23 P
                          (ii)  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco 4218.231 P/R
                          (iIi)  Staff/Student Non-Fraternization 4218.24 P
                   (c)  Electronic Monitoring 4218.4 P/R
                   (d)  Acceptable Computer Network Use 4218.5 P/R
                   (e)  Cellular Telephone /
                        District Issued Communication Devices
4218.6 P
                   (f)   Staff Conduct 4219 P
  B.  Temporary and Part-Time Personnel    
        (1)       Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals 4222 P/R
  C.   Activities    
        (1)       Organizations/Units 4234 P
  D.  Compensation and Related Benefits 4240 P  C, N
        (1)        Employee Safety 4247 P
  E.  Leaves and Vacation    
        (1)       Short Term Leaves    
                    (a)  Industrial Accident/Illness 4251.11 P  C, N
        (2)       Long Term Leaves    
                    (a)  Personal/Family and Medical Leave  4252.6  





















































































P = Policy

R = Regulation

T = Contract between Hamden Board of Education and Hamden Education Association.

A = Agreement between the Hamden Board of Education and the Associate of Hamden Public School Administrators.

C = Contract between Hamden Board of Education and Local 431 of Council #4 of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO.

N = Agreed upon language between Hamden Board of Education and Local 32, Connecticut Independent Labor Union.


It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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