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District Policies:  Business & Non-Instructional Operations - Series  3000 

0. Business and Non-Instructional Operations    
  A. Concept and Roles in Business & Non-Instructional Operations 3000 P
  B. Goals and Objectives 3010 P
1. Budget/Budgeting System    
  A.  Budget: Planning 3110 P
       (1)     Budget Priorities 3113 P
  B.  Preparation of Budget Document 3120 P
  C.  Approval of Proposed Budget 3121 P
  D.  Transmittal of Proposed Budget 3130 P
  E.  Adoption of Budget 3150 P
  F.  Transfer of Funds between Categories: Amendments 3160 P
  G.  Expenditure Plan 3170 P
2. Income    
  A.  School District Receipt of Money 3200 P
  B.  Activity and Discretionary Funds 3210 P
  C.  Tuition Fees 3240 P
  D.  Materials/Services Fees, Fines, Charges 3250 P
  E.  Sales & Disposal of Books, Equipment & Supplies 3260 P
  F.  Gifts and Donations 3280 P
3. Expenditures/Expending Authority    
  A.  Purchasing Guides    
       (1)       Expenditure of Funds 3300 P
       (2)       Purchasing Authority 3310 P
       (3)       Relations with Vendors 3313 P
                  (a)  Local Purchasing 3313.1 P
  B.  Purchasing Procedures 3320 P/R
       (1)       Requesting Goods & Services (Requisitions) 3321 P
       (2)       Paying for Goods & Services 3326 P
                  (a)   Payroll Procedures and Authorized Signatures 3326.1 P
                  (b)   Emergency Expenditures 3326.2 P
4. Accounts    
  A.  Periodic Financial Reports    
        (1)       Budget and Expense Reports 3432 P
        (2)       Periodic Audit 3434 P
  B.  Inventories 3440 P
  C.  Monies in School Buildings 3450 P
  D.  Financial Reports for Cafeteria Funds 3452 P
  E.  Activity Fund 3453 P
  F.  Inactive School Activity Fund Accounts 3453.1 P
5. Non-Instructional Operations    
  A.  Operation and Maintenance of Plant 3510 P
        (1)       Use of School Facilities 3513 P/R
                    (a)  Energy Conservation 3513.1 P
        (2)       Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment 3514 P
        (3)       Safety 3516 P
                    (a)  Accident Prevention and Reporting 3516.3 P
                    (b)  First Aid 3516.33 P
        (4)       Security of Buildings and Grounds 3517 P
        (5)       School Facilities    
                    (a)  Playground Equipment 3523.3 P
        (6)       Hazardous Materials in Schools 3524 P
                    (a)  Pesticide Application 3524.1 P/R
  B. Fixed Charges    
       (1)        Insurance Coverage 3532 P
       (2)       Employee Bonds 3533 P
  C. Auxiliary Agencies    
       (1)       Transportation 3541 P/R
                   (a)  Responsibilities and Duties    
                          (i)   Superintendent 3541.25 P
                          (ii)   Student Behavior 3541.26 P
                          (i)   Student Bus Assignments 3541.31  
                                 Routes and services 3541.311 P
                          (ii)   Bus Driver Safety 3541.35  
                   (b)   Privately Owned Vehicles 3541.44  
                   (c)   Records and Reports: Transportation    
                   (d)   Accidents and Safety Complaints 3541.5  
                   (e)   Regulations for Passengers 3541.6 R
                   (f)   Accident Procedure 3541.9 P/R
        (2)       School Lunch Service    
                  (a)   Purpose and Facilities 3542 P
                  (b)  Code of conduct 3542.22 P
                  (C)  Lunch Charging 3542.43 P/R
                          (i)  Vending Machines 3542.45 P
  E.  Capital Outlay 3560 P
































































P = Policy

R = Regulation

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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