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District Policies: Administration - Series 2000

0. Concept and Roles in Administration 2000 P
  Board-Superintendent Relationship 2000.1 P
1. Administrative Staff Organization 2100 P
  A. Management Positions/Team    
       (1)     Equal Employment Opportunity 2111 P
       (2)     Professional Development 2112 P
  B. Organizational Chart(s) 2120 P
       (1)      Lines of Responsibility 2121 P
       (2)      Compensation Guides and Contracts 2128 P
  C. Job Descriptions 2130 P
      (1)      Superintendent of Schools 2131 P
  D. Superintendent 2140 P
2. Administrative Operations    
  A. Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy 2210 P
  B.  Representative and Deliberative Groups 2220 P
       (1)      Reports and Record Keeping Administration 2230 P
       (2)      Policy and Regulation Systems 2231 P
       Code and professional Responsibility 2300 P
3. Evaluation of Administrators and Administration 2400 P



















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