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District Policies: Instruction - Series 6000

0. Concept and Roles in Instruction 6000 P
1. Elementary and Secondary    
  A. Schedules    
      (1.)     School Calendar 6111 P
      (2.)     School Day 6112 P
      (3.)      Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness 6114 P
                  (a)  Fire 6114.1 P
                  (b)  Bomb Threats 6114.3 P
                  (c)  Emergency Closings 6114.6 P
      (4.)     Ceremonies and Observances 6115 P/R
                  (a)  Nondiscrimination 6121 P
                  (b)  Reduction of Racial Ethnic and
                       Economic Isolation
6121.1 P
  B. Organizational Plan 6130 P
  C. Curriculum 6140 P
       (1.)    Curriculum Design/Development/Revision 6141 P
                 (a)  Curriculum / Textbook Adoption 6141.1 P
                 (b)  Curriculum Research/Experimental Projects 6141.11 P
                 (c)  Separation of Church and State 6141.2 P
                 (d)  Bilingual / Bicultural Education 6141.31 P
                 (e)  Migrant Students 6141.312 P
                 (f)   Technology and Instruction 6141.32 P
                 (g)   Computers: Acceptable Use of Internet 
                        Telecommunications Use at Home
6141.321 P/R
                 (h)   Computers: Websites/Pages 6141.322 P/R
                        (i)  Independent Study 6141.4 P/R
                 (j)   Student Volunteers and Community Service 6141.42 P/R
                 (k)  Advanced College Placement 6141.5 P
                 (l)   School Readiness/Day-Care 6141.8 P
        (2.)    Basic Instructional Program    
                  (a)  Family Life and Sex Education 6142.1 P
                         Health Education Program 6142.10 P
                         Student Wellness Policy 6142.101 P
                  (b)  Human Relations Education 6142.11 P
                  (c)  Reading/Language Arts 6142.2 P
                  (e)  Mathematics 6142.3 P
                  (f)   Science 6142.4 P
                  (g)   Social Studies 6142.5 P
                  (h)  Physical Education 6142.6 P
                         Physical Activity 6142.61 P
         (3.)     Controversial Issues 6144 P
                   (a)  Exemption from Instruction 6144.1 P
                   (b)  Dissection of Animals in Classroom 6144.2 P
         (4.)     Extra Class Activities 6145 P/R
                   (a)  Interscholastic Competition 6145.2 P/R
                          (i)  Sunday Play of Postponed Friday &
                             Saturday Games
6145.21 P
                         (ii)  Sportsmanship 6145.22 P
                   (b)  Publications 6145.3 P/R
                   (c)  Public Performances and Exhibitions 6145.4 P
                   (d)  Organizations/Associations 6145.5 P
                   (e)  Travel and Exchange Programs 6145.6 P
                   (f)   Social Events/Meetings 6145.7 P/R
                          (i)  Use of Alcohol by Adults 6145.71 P
                    (g)   Activity Funds Management 6145.8 P/R
                          (i)  Student Fund-Raising Activities 6145.81 P/R
         (5.)     Graduation Requirements 6146 P
                    Performance Graduation Requirements 6146 R
                   (a)   Grading System 6146.1 P/R
                   (b)   Grading/Assessment Systems 6146.11 P/R
                   (d)   Statewide Proficiency/Mastery Examinations 6146.2 P
  D. Instructional Arrangements    
         (1.)     Class Size 6151 P
         (2.)     Field Trips 6153 P/R
         (3.)     Homework/Make Up Work 6154 P/R
         (4.)     Use of Computers in Instruction    
                    (a)   Off-Site Computer Use 6156.2 P
                    (b)   Lesson Plans 6156.5 P
         (5.)     Individualized Education / Special Education Program 6159 P
         (6.)     Teacher Aides 6159.1 P
  E. Instructional Resources 6160 P
      (1.)    Equipment, Books and Materials: Provision/Selection 6161 P
                (a)   Evaluation/Selection of Instructional Materials 6161.1 P
                (b)   Free to Learn/Library Bill of Rights 6161.12 P
                (c)   Care of Instructional Materials 6161.2 P/R
                (d)   Comparability of Services 6161.3 P
                (e)   Title I Program 6161.31 P
                (f)    Use of Proprietary Software Products 6161.7 P
       (2.)    Instructional Resources for Teachers 6162 P
                (a)   Research/Testing 6162.3 P
                       (i)  Test Integrity/Test Preparation 6162.32 P/R
                (b)   School Volunteers 6162.4 P
                (c)   Surveys of Students 6162.51 P
                (d)    Use of Copying Devices 6162.6 P/R
        (3.)    Instructional Resources for Students    
                (a)  Live Animals in the Classroom 6163.3 P
        (4.)    Individual Services & Diagnostic Counseling 6164 P
                 (a)  Health Services    
                        (i)  Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol 6164.11 P
                        (ii)  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) 6164.12 P/R
                 (b)  Guidance and Counseling Services 6164.2 P
        (5.)    Student Production of Services & Materials 6165 P
  F. Curriculum Extensions    
       (1.)    Special Education 6171 P/R
                (a)  Inclusion 6171.1 P
                (b)  Preschool Special Education 6171.2 P
      (2.)    Program Adaptations/Alternative Programs    
               (a)  Home Schooling Guidelines 6172.3 P/R
               (b)  Title I Parent Involvement 6172.4 P
                 External and online Credit Options 6172.6 P
      (3.)     Homebound and Hospitalized Instruction 6173 P
      (4.)     Career/Vocational Education 6176 P/R
      (5.)     Produced Video Recording (Use of) 6177 P/R
  G. Evaluation of the Instructional Program 6180 P
2. Adult / Continuing Education 6200 P























































































P = Policy

R = Regulation

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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