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District Policies:  Community Relations - Series 1000 

0. Concept and Roles in Community Relations 1000 P
1. Communication with the Public 1110 P
       (a) Parent Involvement 1110.1 P/R
  A. Media of Communication 1112 P/R
      Media Access to Students 1112.5 P
  B. Board of Education Meetings 1120 P
  C. Distribution of Materials by Students 1140 P
2. Participation by the Public    
  A. School Community Associations 1210 P
  B. Citizens' Advisory Committees 1220 P
  C. Visits to the Schools 1250 P
      (1)       Loitering or Causing Disturbance 1251 P
3. Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or Use of School Facilities    
  A. Relations between Public and School Personnel    
      (1)        Participation in Community Life 1311 P
      (2)        Public Complaints 1312 P
      (3)        Gifts to School Personnel 1313 P

B. Relations Between Public and Students

       (1)        Public Performance by Students 1321 P
       (2)        Contests for Students 1322 P
       (3)        Research Projects 1323 P
       (4)        Soliciting Funds from and by Students 1324 P/R
       (5)        Advertising in Our Schools 1325 P/R
  C. Use of School Facilities 1330 P/R
       (1)        School Grounds and Motorized Vehicles 1330.1 P
       (2)        Smoking on School Facilities 1331 P
  D. Access to School Procedures and Materials 1340 P
  E. Senior Citizen Benefits 1350 P
4. Relations between other Governmental Agencies and the Schools    
  A. Local Units    
       (1)        Law Enforcement Agencies 1411 P/R
       (2)        Fire Department 1412 P
       (3)        Fiscal Authority 1416 P
5. Relations between Area, State, Regional and National Associations    
  and the Schools 1500 P
6. Otherwise Lawful Possession of  Firearms on School Property 1700 P






































P = Policy

R = Regulation


It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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