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Ridge Hill School

School Mission and Goals

All of our schools in Hamden strive to create optimal learning experiences for our students. 

Ridge Hill School Mission:

The mission of Ridge Hill Elementary School is to ensure all of our students learn to the best of their potential each and everyday they are entrusted to our care.

Ridge Hill School Vision:

At Ridge Hill School the vision is to create an environment where partners in education collaborate to create a learning environment where students are free to take risks while discovering, exploring and reflecting on their own abilities as a learner.

Ridge Hill School Belief Statements:

At RHS, we believe ...

Curriculum & Instruction 

  • in a learning environment that honors different learning styles and various teaching strategies, including culturally responsive teaching strategies. 
  • in using assessment and data to promote continuous learning
  • the expanded use of technology will enhance student learning. 
  • integrated units and differentiated instruction will meet the needs of all students in an inclusive setting.

Social Learning

  • all students have dignity, value and worth. human diversity is a vital characteristic of our school community. broadening students’ perspectives will help them understand and appreciate diverse cultures within their school, the local community and the world.
  • teaching manners, social skills and conflict resolution skills through the Responsive Classroom approach will help students succeed in life. 
  • all relationships should operate from a foundation of respect, effective communication and cooperation. parents and community are important contributors to the educational success of the student. 


  • advocacy for students is the responsibility of all persons involved in the educational process (Special Education services, Scientifically Research-Based Interventions (SRBI), Positive Behavior Support (PBS), English Language Learner (ELL) services, Title I support).

It is the mission of Hamden Public Schools to ensure all our students learn to the best of their potential each and every day they are entrusted to our care.

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