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            Team Symo Homework 


 Monday,       6/3

 Tuesday,   6/4

 Wed.,   6/5

 Thurs.,   6/6

 Friday,   6/7

 Math with
Mrs. Simone




- Finish Quiz Study Guide & Review (answers are on Google Classroom)

- Quiz tomorrow on proportionality

-Per. 6 ONLY: Finish Quiz Study Guide & Review (answers are on Google Classroom). Quiz tomorrow on proportionality

-Per. 2, 3, 4, 7: NONE




English with Mrs. Coggins









Antibiotic resistant bacteria brochure due at the beginning of class Thursday.  Students have enough time to complete this assignment in class if they are present and working hard. 


Antibiotic resistant bacteria brochure due at the END of class Thursday.  Students have enough time to complete this assignment in class if they are present and working hard. 


Antibiotic resistant bacteria brochure due at the END of class Thursday.  Students have enough time to complete this assignment in class if they are present and working hard. 


NO more homework in Science!




No more homework in Science!

Social Studies  

Roman Empire

Response 1-10

Due Tuesday except for

period 6 

Roman Empire

Response 1-10

Due Tuesday except for

period 6 

Roman Empire



Due Wednesday  for period 6

MythQuest -CW



With Mrs. Kidder- Blake

No School 

Read 20 and complete log 


Read 20 and complete log 


Read 20 and complete log 

Read 20 and complete log 



With Mrs. Kidder-Blake

No School NONE







Congratulations to the Team Symo Students of the Month!


September 2018                   

Rachel H

Jason G

October 2018

 Colin G

Annette Y-R

November 2018

 Ryenne D

Daniel C

December 2018

 Aidan S

Morgan C

January 2019

  Sariah P

Tyler M

February 2019

 Nicole T.

Jacob L.

March 2019

Matt S.

Ame-lie P-C                  

April 2019

Marie D

Luke K

May 2019

Alona T

Bryce P

June 2019



Team Symo Policies

You will be allowed to visit your locker at the following times:
• Before Homeroom 
• After Period 4
• After Period 7

If you need to use the bathroom, you must obtain permission from a team teacher and sign out on the classroom sign-out sheet. When you are return to class, sign back in on your classroom sign-out sheet.  

Please do not enter the bathrooms during passing times. Please go to your next class and obtain permission from your teacher before going.

The reason for this rule is very simple, teachers must know where students are at all times, in case of emergency.

Students may stop at the water fountain during hallway passing times as needed or may carry a water bottle.  Other beverages are not permitted.  Students will not be sent out of class to visit the water fountain.

To stay after school with a teacher, students must ask the teacher at least one day in advance so that teachers may plan accordingly.  Students are reminded to notify their parent/guardian in advance as well so that parents/guardians are not worried by an unplanned change in the student's routine. 

A team lost and found is located in the back of Mrs. Symo's room.  All unclaimed items will be discarded or donated to charity every two weeks.


Students are not permitted to use the side hall as a short cut.  It is to be used as an emergency exit only in the case of an evacuation.  Please enter or exit the house using the main hallway.


Cell phones should not be seen or heard during the school day.  If a teacher hears/sees or catches a student using it, it will be turned in administration and released back only to a parent/guardian.


These items are not permitted during the school day, as per school policy.

Meet the Teachers of Team Symo!

Mrs. Brenna Symonaitis (Science teacher and Team Leader) - I have been teaching at HMS for 18 years and have served as a Team Leader for 14 of them. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology, a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, and a Sixth Year degree in School Administration.  At home, I am very busy with my 6 year old son and 1 year old rescued dog.  For fun and relaxation, I am an avid reader and love to practice yoga.  I look forward to getting to know my students and having a productive school year!

Mrs. Melanie Coggins (English teacher) - I am a life long Hamden resident with the exception of the time I spent in Boston at BC. I then moved back to Hamden to attend SCSU and became a teacher. I taught English at HMS for four years and then stayed home for a few years to raise my two wonderful children.  In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, watching my son play baseball, watching my daughter play hockey as well as running and working out.  We also have two awesome rescued black lab mixes that are part of our family.   I love teaching English and am looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Diane Del Cervo (Social Studies teacher) - I have been employed by HPS for twenty two years, and taught sixth grade for most of that time. My first career was in the publishing field, but I switched to teaching as my active family grew in size. My four adult children attended Hamden Public Schools, and in addition to that, we are a UConn family (Go Huskies!).   I have both a Masters and a Sixth Year Degree in Education, in addition to participation in many other Social Studies programs.  I also provide a variety of novels throughout the year as part of the Time Travelers Book Club, where I get to pursue two of my interests with students – history and reading!

Mrs. Kim Simone (Math teacher) - I have been teaching math at HMS for ten years. I received my bachelor’s degree in math education and my master’s degree in Urban Studies, both from Southern Connecticut State University. I am happily married to Mr. John Simone, who is a math teacher in grade 8 at HMS, and the mom of two beautiful little girls. One of my favorite things to do is to travel and experience other cultures. I also love reading, doing community service, spending time with my friends and family, and of course, teaching math.

Mrs. Melissa Kidder-Blake (Special Education teacher) - I am happily married to a Veteran and a retired science teacher. We have four children; three are currently attending college! I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Special Education,  a Master’s degree in Holistic Thinking, and a 6th year in Education. I am currently participating in the Educational Leadership program at SCSU. I am also a yoga teacher, a certified trainer and CrossFit enthusiast.  When I am not teaching school or yoga you will find me at the gym, or if the weather is good, outside. I enjoy traveling, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding or reading a book at the beach. This will be my 15th year of teaching but only my 2nd year at HMS. I am excited to make this my best year yet!

Link for Science project:


Our Team

English -- Mrs. Coggins 
Office Hours - Monday

Mathematics -- Mrs. Simone
Office Hours - Tuesday

Science -- Mrs. Symonaitis
Team Leader
Office Hours -  Monday

Social Studies -- Mrs. DelCervo
Office Hours - Tuesday

Ms. Kidder-Blake
Office Hours- Monday