Physical Education

The PE Dream Team


Office hours by appointment

Ms. Alibozek - 8th Grade/Prescriptive PE
Ms. Bergstrom - 7th Grade

Mr. Cebula - 7th Grade

Mr. Smith - 8th Grade

Project Adventure

Project Adventure Level One: Students are demonstrating a Team Sculpture.

Project Adventure Level Two: Students are demonstrating spotting during the tire swing activity.

Welcome to Physical Education!

The goal of our Physical Education program is to increase all students' physical and academic learning.  In Physical Education, we help students think, create and learn so they can become responsible, healthy and active individuals and contributing members of our HMS community.  Our program is designed around our students and builds confidence by providing a comfortable, encouraging and safe environment where students can learn and grow.



*All students received a PE syllabus and should have it signed by a parent/guardian and brought back to school.*

*Please make sure to wear appropriate clothing and sneakers to Physical Education class*

7th Grade Units of Instruction

Fitness Center

Coming Soon..

8th Grade Units of Instruction

Fitness Assessments

During students' 8th grade year, they will be formally assessed in four components of physical fitness.  As 7th graders, students engage in meaningful practice to build competency and confidence with the fitness assessments.