House 4 - Grade 7 (Team Perito)

Welcome to Team Perito's Distance Learning 

Please make sure that you are signed up to all of our google classrooms and have username/passwords you need for google classroom, Moby Max, IQWEST, and National Geo Textbook online.  Please email one of us if you need that information. 

Math Classroom Codes:

Per 1

Per 2

Per 3

Per 4

Per 7

Science Classroom Codes:

Period 1:  46vhqq3

Period 2: 3dguawl

Period 3: eoxkhdo

Period 4: nsjmznn

Period 7: nwikmjl

English Classroom Codes:

Per 1 - malx2ig

Per 2 - 317muhg

Per 3: 37dkk4

Per 4: 4nwbg2w

Per 7: 7psfuft

Social Studies Codes:

Per 1: 34js6hp

Per 2: 3esbpjg

Per 3: y3q5xco

Per 4: f3334lo

Per 7: c2huzp3





Team Perito Supply List 

Social Studies:

Binder 1''-1 1/2 ''

pens, pencils, eraser tops, lead

Lined paper with holes

Textbook cover



pencil sharpener

1 inch binder with folder and graph/filler paper

1 subject notebook

Science Class 

3 ring binder or share a section using a divider

2 composition notebooks

colored pencils/crayons

glue sticks

USB drive 



One 1. 5 or 2 inch 3 ring binder.

Pens and pencils

Notebook paper for binder

One 2 pocket folder for homework.

One package of sticky notes (size: 3" by 3") 

Two composition notebooks 


1 1/2"   binder (white)

Loose leaf paper

Folder (any color)


2 packages of flashcards (100 count each)

4 dry erase markers (any color)

Box of tissue (optional)

Hand sanitizer (optional)

 Optional supply items.

  • flash drive
  • colored pencils
  • glue sticks
  • calculator
  • pencil case
  • hand sanitizer/wipes
  • box of tissues
  • protractor       

Important Team Perito Information For Parents



The Team Perito teachers remind you to ask your child about his or her homework every night.  As part of this reminder, we must debunk some common homework myths:

"I did my homework in school" - FALSE!  We do not have a study hall or any other time period during which homework can be done during the day.




Math -  During the first marking period, students will be introduced to integers.  Your child will work on problems involving many contexts and learn how to solve real world problems involving integers. The variety of settings will help your child understand integers much deeper. Students will work with money, games, golf, temperature, discounts, tax, tip, and business type situations, to model operations with integers. You can help your child by asking them to describe some real-world situations in which integers are used. If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail or call 203 – 407 – 7249 

Welcome to English with Ms. Roach! In English, our goal is to establish a reading habit that will support students throughout school and life. This will include dedicated reading time in class and required independent reading outside of class. We will begin the year with a reading unit. Students will learn strategies that will help them uncover the deeper meaning of texts and increase independent reading. In class, students will work independently, in pairs and in groups to analyze the use of literary devices. They will then evaluate how these devices develop the plot, characters and themes of a text. At the end of the unit, students will use what they have learned to write a personal narrative that describes an important moment and how it connects to their beliefs and values.If you have any questions during the year, do not hesitate to contact me by email at or call 203-407-7250.  

Mr. Tremper's social studies-  Welcome to 7th grade social studies.  I am very excited to be able to work with all of you this year!  The first unit of study will be the 5 themes of location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.  These tools will allow students to have an utility belt to better understand the world around them, as we move on to explore different world regions.  The first world region we will be studying is the Middle East.  In each region, we will study the rich, ancient culture and move on to contemporary issues in the area today.  The class setting, and learning format will vary.  Students will be working collaboratively, doing a variety of activities such as, classroom debates, group projects, and writing proposals to real world issues.  Essentially, I want my students to think critically while looking at real world issues.  Please contact me with any questions at

Mrs. Kim’s science students will be working hard this year. Right from the start, students will learn how to be safe in a laboratory setting and practice using science equipment such as beakers, test tubes, and clamps. Our units of study will include chemistry (matter), earth science (weather) , and biology (human body systems).  All of our units are driven by an engaging phenomena which the students have to “figure out” why or how something happens.  Student discourse and modeling will be the norm in the classroom. Looking forward to a fantastic year! Any questions or concerns please email me at 

House 4 Expectations



  • You are expected to be in class, working silently on the “DO NOW” when the late bell rings. Students who are tardy to class two times per week, per class, may be assigned a teacher detention.


  • You will be allowed to visit your locker at the following times: before homeroom, before lunch, and before dismissal


  • If you need to use the bathroom, you must obtain permission from a team teacher and fill out your agenda pass.  If you have forgotten your agenda, you must wait until the last 5 minutes of class.

    Please do not enter the bathrooms during passing times, please go to your next class and obtain permission from your teacher before going.

    The reason for these rules is very simple, your teachers must know where you are at all times, in case of emergency.

    Remember, the bathrooms are provided for the entire HMS family to use, so please do your part to help keep them clean and usable. Team teachers will be checking the bathroom throughout the day to ensure that they are kept in usable order. Sign-out sheets will be archived and monitored.


  • To stay after with an on-team teacher on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, students must sign up, so that teachers may plan accordingly. Students must have permission in advance from the teacher with whom they will be staying. Permission must be obtained before the end of the student’s class with that teacher on the day before the student wishes to stay. Students may only stay after for academic reasons, or if requested to do so by a teacher.

Students of the Month

Each month, two students who exhibit good citizenship, effort, or other exemplary qualities will be selected as “Students of the Month."

Our Team

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Team Leader

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Social Studies 
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