House 1 - Grade 8 (Team Morello)

Welcome to House 1!


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View the math class current week's syllabus HERE and last week's HERE.

View the 8th grade math specialist's website full of resources HERE

Log into MobyMax HERE (HMS School Code is ct867)

Join Google Classroom HMS House 1 - Grade 8 - Math HERE (Class Code is m009ke) to access the current unit's notebook/workbook as well as other information!

See Syllabus! :)

See Syllabus :)


Gather supplies listed on expectations sheet.

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Complete the 3-page grammar/usage packet by Thursday or Friday, as told. (=an inventory for me; not to be graded.) 

Begin to read your first independent reading book (Reading Revolution!). Log your minutes (= "Do Now" during our designated reading (vs. writing) weeks)

Bring home, have a parent/guardian sign then return the letter about RR.



Google + packet by Thurs.8-29 or Fri.8-30;


materials + signed letter by Tues 9/3


Cultural Heritage Research Project/T-shirt Mural

-Country/Culture research due by Friday 9/20

-Family Interviews due Monday 9/23

-In Class T-shirt design starting Friday.

***If you cannot get your own T-shirt, I need to know by Thursday at the latest!

***Extra Credit: bring in extra sharpies and T-shirts




Always homework: Finish any unfinished classwork unless told otherwise!

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View the science class website HERE








Attention Parents and Guardians

Please remind students that if they are bringing a cell phone/earbuds/headphones to school that these items are required to stay in their lockers.

Important Upcoming Dates

9/27: No school, Professional Development

9/30: No School, Rosh Hashanah


Attention Parents:

1) ***Team Morello is gladly accepting tissue donations.  Every year when the weather turns sour, we all get the sniffles and are always in need of tissues.

2) Parents/Students - Please check PowerSchool to keep yourself updated on your progress.


To receive team updates and reminders, Join our FAMILY Team Morello Google Classroom Code: s1Lrbti

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English -- Mrs. Stoeffler
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