House 5 - Grade 7 (Team DeCarter)

Welcome to House 5! 



            Class & Date            

2/10             2/11             2/12             2/13             2/14            

**All classes need to complete 25 minutes of MobyMax each week

Math 7 - Period 3 & 6 - Complete pg. 3 in Angle Workbook

Period 4 & 7 - Complete Complementary and Supplementary worksheet

Algebra - Complete up to pg. 6 in the Unit 5 workbook

**All classes need to complete 25 minutes of MobyMax each week

Math 7- Period 3 & 6 - pg. 8 in Angle workbook

Period 4 & 7 - pg. 14 and 15 in Angle Workbook

Algebra - no homework  




**All classes need to complete 25 minutes of MobyMax each week

Math 7 - no homework


Algebra - all pages up to and including 16 should be completed


**All classes need to complete 25 minutes of MobyMax each week.

Math 7 - 


Algebra - 

**All classes need to complete 25 minutes of MobyMax each week.









Social Studies          
Science NO SCHOOL - MLK DAY Complete 12.1 packet. Complete 12.2 packet. Study for test. Chemistry Test! NO HW.


All Students now have access to PowerSchool!

To use: go to this link 

Username: last name, first initial, year of graduation.

Ex: decartert25

Password: Same as Hamden Google Account


Useful Websites





 PowerSchool Parent Portal 

Power School Registration for Parents /// Students

IQWST (Science Only) 

Login: last name, first initial (ex: michaudl), Password: middle name (ex: mia)

Team Meeting Time

Our Team Meeting time is during Period 1 from 8:18-9:05am in which the team teachers can meet with parents about their child's progress at any point throughout the year. Please contact Ms. DeCarter at or (203) 407-7262 if you're interested in scheduling a day and time to meet with team teachers. 

Important Information For Parents on Homework

The teachers remind you to ask your child about his or her homework every night.  As part of this reminder, we must debunk some common homework myths:

  • "I did my homework in school" - FALSE!  We do not have a study hall or any other time period during which homework can be done during the day.  What may happen is that if we are teaching a particularly challenging topic, your child's teacher may build a few minutes into the lesson to allow students to begin homework so that they may check for understanding.  If your child claims that he or she finished the homework in school, this is untrue... ask to see it!
  • "I turned it in already" - FALSE! Team DeCarter teachers do not accept homework assignments or projects early.

DON'T FORGET!!   If you have any questions about homework assignments, you can check the homework assignments listed above every day.  If an assignment is listed on this website ask your child to show it to you.  If you have further questions about any given assignment, please contact the appropriate teacher directly at the contact information listed to the right hand side of this page.


If your chid is out from school, they are responsible for making up any assignments from their classes and handing in work that may have been collected or checked upon their return. Students and/or parents may contact teachers directly regarding missed assignments ahead of time or on the day of the absence. Please encourage your child to be proactive and speak to teachers directly regarding missed work (at the beginning/end of class or via email are best). If assignments are not made up after an assignment, they will lose credit. Please refer to this page and PowerSchool for class assignments and due dates.


In order to ensure a successful year, along with the HMS school-wide expectations, we have put the following into place: 


Students are expected to be in homeroom reading silently when the late bell rings.  


Students are expected to be in class working silently on the DO NOW when the late bell rings.  Students who are tardy to class more than three times may be assigned a teacher detention.


If you need to use the bathroom, you must obtain permission from your teacher and sign out on the classroom sign-out sheet.

Do not enter the bathrooms during passing times. Please go to your next class and obtain permission from your teacher before going. 

The reason for these rules is very simple, your teachers must know where you are at all times in case of emergency.

Please do your part to help keep the bathrooms clean and usable.  Team teachers will be checking the bathrooms throughout the day to ensure that they are kept in usable order.  Sign out sheets will be kept and monitored. 


If you need to see the nurse, get permission from your teacher.  Your passport (in the back of your agenda) will need to be filled out and signed by the teacher.


Students must have permission in advance from the teacher with whom they will be staying.  Permission must be obtained before the end of class on the day the student wishes stay.  Students may only stay after school for academic reasons, or if requested to do so by the teacher.


If you need to see a counselor, please let your teacher know.  Your teacher will call the guidance office to see if a counselor is available.  You will be given a pass if the counselor can see you.


Each month two students who exhibit school expectations of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and SAFETY be selected by team teachers as "Students of the Month." 


Teachers who are contacted by e-mail or telephone will respond within 24 hours of receiving the information.  Any parent who wishes to have a team meeting with their child's teachers should contact the team leader.

Our Team

Ms. DeCarter-- Social Studies
Team Leader
Office Hours: Monday

Mr. Walton -- Math
Office Hours: Wednesday

Ms. L. Michaud-- Science
Office Hours: Tuesday

Mrs. Lamothe-- English
Office Hours: Monday

Ms. Mus-- Resource
Office Hours: