7th Grade Art

Course Description
Students explore the elements and principles of art and design through a variety of materials and techniques. 7th graders will also learn about art history and influential artists creating work today.
All 7th graders are required to take Art.  7th Grade Art is a year-long course, that meets every other day and follows an A/B schedule. 

8th Grade Art Electives

8th graders have the ability to choose which electives they would like to take. 

About 8th Grade Art Electives:

  • Meet every other day for half a year following an A/B schedule (45 days);
  • Some Art Electives require a recommendation from an Art teacher;
  • 8th Grade Art Electives are extremely popular-- administrators do their best to honor student requests.

8th Grade Art Elective Course Offerings

Art Teachers

Ms. Laura Boehning
Room 271
Office Hours:

Mr. David Hubbard
Room 272
Office Hours:

Mr. Andres Sanchez
Room 273
Office Hours: