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Student Health Office
Frequently Asked Questions

Student Health Office Services

  • The School Nurses are always available from 7:30 AM - 3 PM for emergencies. Students who feel ill should obtain a pass from their teacher and report to the student health office. Students who wish to see the nurse about a health concern or problem, but who are not sick should make an appointment.
  • All Physical Education excuses are reviewed in the Student Health Office. Any note from a doctor/dentist, etc should be brought directly to the nurse. The nurse will then document it in the computer as a “medical” absence and the note will be filed in the student’s health record.
  • Parents/guardians are required to inform the Student Health Office about any student who has a communicable disease as soon as it is diagnosed.
  • Students who are required to used walking aids such as canes or crutches must have a doctor's note indicating the need. The student must bring the note to the Student Health Office.
  • When a student is too ill to remain in school, but not ill enough to warrant emergency treatment by a primary health care provider, the school nurse will call the student's parents/guardians to ask them or their designee to pick up and care for the student. The parents/guardians must designate on the emergency form another adult to be responsible for transporting the student home if they are not available to do so.
  • Transport of a student to the hospital for emergency treatment is required, the nurse will call 911 and notify the student's parents/guardians as soon as possible that the student is being transported to a hospital. The parent/guardian will be responsible for undertaking further care of the injured/ill student.

Physical Exams and Immunizations

Before enrollment in the Hamden school system, each child must have a physical examination. Additional physical examinations will be required of all students in grades six and ten. Students who do not submit proof of physical examination and required immunizations in accordance with board requirements will be excluded from school. Exemptions from immunizations requirements will be granted only per state statute.

Excusal from PE

A note is from a parent/guardian to be reviewed and processed by the nurse is required each time a student is unable to participate in a physical education class. Documentation from a primary health care provider is required for a student to be excused for more than three school days from a Physical Education class due to illness or injury. The medical documentation must be submitted within five school days of the onset of the illness or the occurrence of the injury. Medical documentation must include the diagnosis and the amount of time the student is to be excused. This information will remain confidential.

While awaiting medical documentation, the student will be given a Provisional Medical Gym Excuse, which states that the student must report to his/her Physical Education class for attendance but does not participate. Once a medical excuse is issued by the nurse, the student does not have to see the nurse each day. It is the student's responsibility to have the medical disability form signed by his or her physical education teacher and return the form to the health center.

Once a PE excuse for more than ten school days due to a medical disability is processed, the student will be assigned to a study hall by his or her counselor. He or she will be re entered into Physical Education class upon the recovery from the medical disability.


  • If at all possible, medication should be given at home. In the event, that it needs to be given during school hours, it will be given by the school nurse (or in the absence of the school nurse by the principal or a teacher who has had specific training). This is in the accordance with the "Connecticut Education Laws Related to School Health Services."

  • Medications include antibiotics, inhalers, preparations for nebulizer treatments, pain control, allergy management, eye drops or ointment, cough syrups or drops, etc.

  • All medication to be administered in school many NOT be sent to and from school and the student. A parent/guardian must bring the medication to the school nurse in a properly labeled container and provide appropriate written authorization. An authorization form is available in the Health Center.

  • Self-administration of medication by a student may be allowed when prescribed by a doctor or an authorized medical person. The receipt of written authorization by the parent/guardian and evaluation by the school nurse for safety and appropriateness. A health plan will then be developed by the school nurse. The principal and appropriate teachers will be informed that the student is self-administering prescribed medications.

  • Medication orders (all original orders) to include parent/guardian authorization means: the authorization by a doctor or by authorized medical person for the administration of medication to a student during school activities for the current school year.

Daily Health Assessment

There are many respiratory illnesses circulating - the “common cold”, Influenza, COVID-19, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).  These illnesses have many overlapping symptoms – runny nose, cough, and fever. If you exhibit any of these symptoms follow our Daily Health Assessment to determine if a student should come to school. If your child tests positive for COVID-19, reach out to your healthcare provider for advice. 

Consider getting Flu and COVID-19 vaccines, as these are considered the most effective ways to prevent serious illness from these respiratory diseases.  Here is the link to the new respiratory disease guidance.