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Welcome to the HMS Media Center   

Our Mission

The mission of the Hamden Middle School Library Media Center is to provide students with a comfortable and welcoming environment that supports their academic needsfosters their creativity and academic development, and grows their love of reading.

Our Media Center Experience

We have a diverse and growing collection of books that appeal to our readers' individual interests, needs, and maturity levels. 

When entering the media center, students will be able to explore their interests by visiting sections dedicated to specific genres.  Our media specialist, Mrs. McCulley, loves to read (and loves getting students to fall in love with reading!), and thrives on providing students with an individual and specific book recommendation, as well as the skills needed to successfully choose their next book.  In addition to our non-fiction collection, we provide students with access to a variety of databases (see our "Resources" link) to aid them in their academic pursuits.

We pride ourselves on finding and housing books that appeal to all of our students.  We thoughtfully grow our collection by taking student recommendations and by consulting various lists and award winners as curated by invaluable resources such as the American Library Association (ALA), We Need Diverse Books, School Library Journal and Social Justice Books.

8th graders using Chromebooks to recommend books to students from another school

Working comfortably in the Library Media Center

7th graders exploring new topics for their non-fiction unit in Language Arts

Finding the perfect book :)

Read This! Archives

Read This! is an online newsletter that provides updates about the many exciting happenings in the Hamden Middle School Library Media Center.

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