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We will host third marking period conferences on Tuesday, April 12th between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Parents will have a choice to either meet in-person or on Zoom. Teachers are ready to juggle between the two platforms, and they know timing will be important. We will strive to be punctual for our 10-minute conferences. We know we will be successful if we work as a team. At this time, we invite parents to sign up for a conference by clicking on the appropriate links below. 


As a reminder, parents are asked to only sign up for ONE conference with a teacher on their child’s core team. Therefore, parents can only sign up for one conference with either the English, math, science or social studies teachers. Some parents wonder why we restrict the number of conferences. Please know it is a practice we follow to ensure as many parents as possible can have an opportunity to connect with one of their child’s core teachers.  


Parents are also invited to sign up for additional conferences with members of the Encore Team. We recommend selecting a minimum of one Encore teacher to meet with on conference night. It is important to hear how your child is performing in art, music, health, physical education, STEM and more! 


Please embrace this time to register for a conference. 


HMS Conference Registration Links 

House 1, ALsCs

Teachers: Ms. Patnoad, Ms. Sullivan, & Ms. White

Gr. 7, House 2, Team Tremper 

Teachers: Ms. Camacho, Mr. Castello, Ms. Kim, Ms. Tsai-Goss &  Mr. Tremper 

Gr. 7, House 3, Team Coggins 

Teachers: Ms. Abdussabur, Ms. Coggins, Ms. DelCervo, Ms. Pearson & Mx. Press

Gr. 7, House 4, Team Stanton

Teachers: Ms. Holt, Ms. Lamothe, Mr. Stanton, Ms. Symonaitis & Mr. Ugolik 

Gr. 7, House 5, Team Walton 

Teachers: Ms. Bellmore, Mr. Frishman, Dr. Levier, Ms. Mus & Mr. Walton 

Gr. 8, House 1, Team Morello

Teachers: Mr. Franzoni, Ms. Stoeffler, Mr. Marzano, Ms. Morello & Ms. Zarate

Gr. 8, House 2, Team Rocco

Teachers: Ms. Johnson, Ms. Michaud, Ms. Morgillo, Ms. Pandolfi & Mr. Rocco 

Gr. 8. House 3, Team Evans 

Teachers: Ms. Britton, Ms. Delucia, Mr. Evans, Mr. Mandel & Ms. Williams

Gr. 8, House 4, Team Domurad

Teachers: Ms. DeCarter, Ms. Domurad, Mr. Simone, Ms. Marcoux & Ms. Quiñones

Encore Teachers 

Art: Ms. Boehning, Mr. Hubbard & Mr. Sanchez

Health: Ms. Craft, Ms. Raffone & Ms. Scanlon

Music: Mr. Gunn, Ms. Rossomando & Ms. Rothbard

PE: Ms. Bergstrom, Mr. Cebula, Ms. Crann & Mr. Smith

STEM: Mr. Hailey, Mr. Kachmar, Mr. Martins & Mr. Stratton

World Language: Ms. D’Attilio (Chinese), Ms. Sgrigneri (Italian), Ms. Dawson, Ms. Forbes, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Ibanez & Ms. Quito Poma (Spanish) 

Contemporary Issues: Mr. Greco

Global Voices: Ms. Colello 

Curricular Specialists & SRBI Coordinators

Literacy Specialists: Ms. Breen (7) & Ms. Murtagh (8)

Math Specialists: Ms. Peccini (7) & Ms. Rodriguez (8)

Media Specialist: Ms. McCulley

Science Specialist: Ms. Symonaitis 

Multi-Language Specialist: Ms. Knoblauch
SRBI Literacy Coordinators: Ms. Casini (7) & Mr. Gallo (8)  

SRBI Math Coordinators: Ms. Mule (7) & Ms. McDonald (8) 

PPS Staff

Counselors: Ms. Mitchell (7/8) & Ms. Salerno (8) 

Psychologists: Ms. Davis (7/8), Ms. Diaz (7) & Ms. Miller (8), 

Social Workers: Ms. Cooper (7/8), Ms. Scecina (7) & Mr. Xavier (8)

SLPs: Dr. D’Souza & Ms. Rowe  



Many of our students are celebrating Ramadan.  If your child is fasting and would prefer not to be in the cafeteria, they may spend their lunch period in our Library Media Center.  Students should visit Mrs. McCulley, our Library Media Specialist, during homeroom to make arrangements.




Parents please remind your child to bring a charged Chromebook to school each day.  Students cannot fully engage in their classes without being prepared, and a charged Chromebook is an essential part of the learning process.




By: Olivia Hice, Grade 8 Student 

Girls Who Code (GWC) is a program that takes place at Quinnipiac University every Tuesday, and it’s something that I look forward to every week. GWC is a 10-week after-school program that meets once a week to teach young girls in grades 6th through 12th how to code. The girls in my class who I see every week are extremely funny and caring. And, the friends that I have made from this class I wouldn’t have met anywhere else. The teachers, who are students at Quinnipiac University, are extremely accepting and thoughtful. I enjoy this class not only because of how amazing the teachers are, but also how much I have learned about coding in such a short amount of time that we have together. Girls from different schools all came together for one reason, to have fun and to learn how to code! 


“At GWC it is a complete judge free zone. While participating I realized how many opportunities can come from this class. And everyone who comes to class just has fun.” said Bailee P. (Gr. 8). Eighth grade student Nesreen Hnini commented, “GWC is an extremely fun and interesting class.” “GWC is a great way for students to get experience with coding, meet new people, and it's completely free! The goal of the program is to introduce students to the world of coding through coding project’s, that are simple and can be completed by the end of the program. We will help students build coding skills by teaching them the basics of coding in various programming languages including Python, Javascript, HTML, and Scratch.” said Lead Instructor Lauren Atkinson. There are many HMS students participating in the program, and we are glad Mr. Kachmar introduced the opportunity to us. 




-Mr. Danny Martins 

Last Thursday, forty STEM students had the opportunity to participate in a memorable presentation with Edward Garlick, an FBI Operations Specialist. Students mastered the basics of Evidence Response Team (ERT) which included a detailed presentation that reinforced components they learned in STEM Forensics class this year. The topics covered were crime scene management, sketching, fingerprint evidence, crime scene photography, recovery, packaging and preservation of evidence. In addition, students gained further Advanced ERT Training in Forensic Anthropology, Bloodstain Recognition & Analysis, Advanced Latent Fingerprint Processing, Arson/Blast Investigations, and more! Following the presentation, students were able to take a walkthrough of an FBI Major Crimes Truck that is used when responding to an investigation. Students learned which important crime scene processing tools were in the truck and how they are used in the field. Every single student enjoyed listening to our guest speaker. As a bonus, they even had "Pizza with the FBI" after the presentations!   





We are thrilled to be able to offer our student athletes the opportunity to try out for baseball and softball. The boys team started tryouts last week with Coach Beneditti and Coach Rhone. Ms. Mule is excited to coach the girls, and they will start try outs this week. Our coaches will communicate information directly with students and families. We will continue to update the calendar and share highlights of their adventures on the field. As they say, “Play ball!” 




Last week, parents were invited to share feedback regarding the school newsletter. A few parents reported positive feedback regarding this school communication. There was a definite request for more shout-outs about our amazing students. Please do not forget to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We promote teams, students, and teachers throughout the week. We will also try to bring more celebratory notes into our newsletter. In addition, we received some great advice to publish the newsletter a bit earlier. It is preferable to get the weekly newsletter before the week starts. (Makes sense!) We will embrace this challenge, and strive to have the newsletter go home on or before Sunday of every week. (Starting next week….) 




On Monday, March 21, Hamden Middle School inducted 47 seventh and eighth grade new members into the National Junior Honor Society. The in-person ceremony, the first in three years, was a beautiful celebration of the students' hard work. Principal Coogan and Assistant Superintendent Melillo opened the ceremony congratulating the students and families on achieving this prestigious award and encouraged students to not stop here; to instead seek more from the world and continue to find ways to better their community. The NJHS lighting ceremony followed, and then each student was presented with a certificate of membership and asked to sign the NJHS official ledger. We always embrace the opportunity to celebrate our students. 




As a friendly reminder, students have a choice to either wear a face mask in school or not. Our children have embraced the opportunity to choose, and they are respecting everyone’s personal decision. While it is a choice, we appreciate parental support in preparing for the day. If your child wants to wear a mask, make sure he/she/they has a few masks in their backpack.




Middle school students keep us on our toes! Recently, we noticed a trend in which students are bringing blankets and stuffed animals to school. They wear or carry them around the building. If we see a student carrying a toy or blanket, we politely ask them to put it away. We are kindly asking parents to help monitor and restrict these items to coming to school. 




Throughout the year, teachers have an opportunity to recognize outstanding students for their contributions to our school community. In March, our STEM teachers shined a spotlight on Matilda Ryder, and Team Rocco was delighted to recognize Chiara Troiano. Superintendent Goeler is always proud to learn more about our amazing students. Congratulations to Matilda, Chiara, and their families!