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HHS Program of Studies

2023-24 Program of studies

The Four-Year Worksheet can be found at the end of the Program of Studies. Course Selection forms will be distributed to students during assemblies.  

Graduation Requirements

2022 - 2023 Program of Studies

NCAA Student Eligibility

Principal's Message

Hamden High School’s program of study is designed to provide each student with a world-class learning experience.  The wide-range of learning opportunities we offer is on par with other comprehensive high schools in the state of Connecticut, and allows students to work with school personnel and their parents/guardians in order to develop a course of study that most appropriately meets their needs.

The courses offered in this catalog are designed to prepare students for admission to a four-year college, technical school, the military or the world of work.  Please engage in thoughtful conversations regarding the courses being selected since the decisions are final once the registration process is completed.

Teachers and guidance counselors are available to assist students during the course selection process.  The staff at Hamden High School is fully committed to making each student’s high school career meaningful, challenging and rewarding.

General Information

The Hamden Board of Education reserves the right to drop any course in which enrollment is insufficient.  If a course is oversubscribed, past academic performance will determine student’s enrollment in the course.  Every attempt will be made to schedule a student for all the courses and programs he/she requests.  Reference will be made to alternate course choices submitted at the time of registration.

If no alternative choices are submitted, students will be assigned to classes on a space-available basis. 

Selecting Courses

All students must schedule classes for a minimum of 6 credits for the year. In selecting courses, students should be guided by Hamden High School's graduation requirements.  After selecting courses necessary for high school graduation, students may complete their schedules by choosing courses to meet their individual career and academic plans.  It is important that students enroll in courses according to their own interests, abilities and needs.

Level Recommendations

Teachers make professional judgments regarding course level recommendations.  The judgments are based on performance data.  If a parent desires to change a level recommendation as presented by the teacher, the Override Form must be completed and submitted to the Counseling Office at the time of registration.  

In subjects taught in a sequence, such as world languages and math, it is recommended that a student not advance to the next course in the sequence unless he/she had earned at least a C for the previous year’s work.  Students who receive a D in a sequential language or math course should consider continuing their study of the subject in one of the courses offered in the basic series, or these students may seek the permission of the course instructor to take a make-up examination during the summer in an effort to improve their final grade in the course.