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Military Information

Military Options through ROTC at UCONN:

There is a new program for students to explore the military officier program through the Air Force Rotc program at Uconn. You can attend any CT college or university and be part of the AFROTC Program at UCONN. You can be a walk-on and try out the Air Force experience for two years with no commitment. See Mrs Gay for details on how to apply.

Important Facts about ASVAB for Students and Parents

  • It is the most widely used aptitude test in American Schools today.

  • It is offered free of charge to all public and private secondary and post-secondary schools.

  • There are no military obligations of any kind connected with taking the test.

  • It is not a “pass/fail” test.  The test permits students to compare their academic and occupational aptitude scores with those of other students throughout the United States.

  • It provides measures of general learning ability that are useful for predicting performance in academic areas.

  • It is designed especially to measure potential for success in occupations that require formal courses of instruction or on-the-job-training it can predict what a person could accomplish with training or further education.

  • A careful examination of test scores will increase the student’s self-understanding and establish a realistic foundation for making future choices.

Some Myths and Facts about ASVAB

MYTH: “If I take the ASVAB, I will have to go into the military.”

FACT:   The ASVAB carries no military obligation.  About 900,000 students take the test every year, and only 7 percent, by their own choice, actually enter military service.

MYTH:  “I intend to go to college, so the ASVAB will be of no help to me.”

FACT:   The ASVAB can help every student, regardless of future educational plans. Nationally, over 30 percent of the students starting college never make it to their sophomore year, and over 50 percent of those who stay in college will change their majors at least once.  The ASVAB will assist students in making realistic decisions about career paths based on actual abilities and aptitudes.

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