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Hamden High School

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Graduation Requirements

I. Introduction

Currently, to graduate from the Hamden Public Schools, a student must earn a minimum of twenty-three (23) credits and meet the proper credit distribution requirements. Students must also demonstrate a standard of performance in literacy and in numeracy, which is completed through participation in the school based SAT during 11th grade. If these requirements are not met, please consult the Green and Gold guide for alternate options to meet the numeracy and literacy requirement.

II. Credit Distribution Requirements

Students must earn credits in the following courses:

English 4 credits (1 credit American Literature or American Studies)
Social Studies 3 credits (1 credit United States History and 0.5 credit Civics or 1 credit AP United states Government and Politics)
Mathematics 3 credits (Accounting at the high school counts toward this requirement)
Science 3 credits (1 credit Biology)
Physical Education 1.5 credits
CTE 0.5 credit
Fine Arts 1 credit
Health Education 0.5 credit
Electives 6.5 credits


III. Literacy and Numeracy Performance Standards

The Hamden Public Schools believes students must have satisfactory skills in literacy and numeracy in order to graduate. To demonstrate competency, students must meet district performance standards in each area. These performance standards align with the proficiency standards on the SAT. All Grade 11 Hamden Public School students are expected to take this test during the in school administration of the test as a measure of their proficiency.

Transfer Students

If a student transfers into Hamden High School after completing at least three years in a high school in another district, the student must have met the Literacy / Numeracy graduation requirements in that district in order to be exempt from Hamden’s graduation requirements.

Special Needs Students

The indicators of competency for literacy and numeracy for graduation may be modified if indicated on the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).