House Information

Hamden High School serves a diverse population of more than 1600 students. To personalize the high school experience, Hamden High School is structured around a house system.  Each house is under the direction of an assistant principal, who is also referred to as the House Principal. The two terms are interchangeable. Students are alphabetically assigned to one of four houses - each with its own administrator and support professionals who provide direct service to the students. Students also are assigned to a specific school counselor, (see below). In additional to these members, a school nurse and/or shool psychologist also provide assistance.

Each House Principal maintains an office located apart from the Main Office of the school. Concerns regarding lockers, tardiness to school or class, discipline issues, early dismissal from school or other similar concerns should be addressed to the appropriate house office.

Sleeping Giant House

All Freshman Students 

Tegan Willis  ext. 5050

Interim House Clerk:
Hannah Kleffke ext. 5050

Social Worker:
Kristen Tassiello ext. 1202

School Psychologist:
Cathy King ext. 5122

Whitney House

Students with last names A - K, (grades 10 - 12); Functional Learning Center Students (FLC) and HCLC students attending HHS

Darce DeCosta  ext. 5040

House Clerk: 
Evelyn Devaney ext. 5040

Social Workers:
Jodi Chodos  ext. 1201
Sharon Vance  ext. 1226

Michael Carter   ext. 5121

Washburn House

Students with last names L - Z,  (grades 10 - 12)

Scott Trauner ext. 5060

House Clerk: 
Nancy Conway ext. 5060

Social Workers:
John Hanna ext. 5130
Sharon Vance  ext. 1313
Judy Campbell ext. 1305

Counselor Assignments