Welcome to the Helen Street PTA 

The PTA is a great way to have a positive influence on your child's school and learning environment.  Your impact is best achieved through service.  Your children will appreciate your contribution as a role model for community interest and involvement.  Opportunities include: Attending monthly meetings; Lending a voice and a hand; Being a Room Parent; Volunteering as an Activity Planner or Participant, and more.


Thursday, April 11, 2019
6:00 pm.
School Library Media Center


CT Mobile Food Pantry. 
    Helen St. is a community site for
    a monthly Mobile Food Pantry.
    Volunteers needed to help
    distribute are appreciated.   
    Usually 2:30 pm-3:30 pm. 
    Contact the PTA or the
    School Office if you can lend a
    hand during any of the months or
    need a schedule of days.
Family Movie Night. 
    April 5th.  Details Pending.
Spring Fair.
    May 17th & 18th.
    Details Pending.
    Volunteers to Plan or Help needed.


~  Mr. MacCalla-  Fish Tank Care.
~  Ms. Grenet-  Student of the Month
    Breakfasts Prep.
~  Book Fair Volunteers- 
    Ms. Quinn, Ms. Chmielecki, Ms.
    McGreevy and others.
~  Honey-Baked Ham (Milford, CT) for
    providing a delicious table of sand-
    wiches & sides at PTA Meetings.


BOARD-MEMBERS & CONTACT INFORMATION or School Office 203-407-2030 

President~          Nick D'Amato     

Vice President~  VACANT 

Treasurer~          Abner Martinez     

Secretary~          Chaneak Saunders