About Us

The Hamden Collaborative Learning Center (HCLC) is a district-based alternative education program for students, grades 10-12, who have not achieved success in the larger school environment.  Students attending HCLC experience a smaller learning environment, with emphasis upon developing meaningful connections with adults and producing quality work that will equip students for graduation and beyond.

Our curriculum is aligned with district and state standards for student performance.  Learning experiences are tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner. Student-teacher relationships, parent involvement, and community connections are essential in order to foster academic success and better prepare students for success in post-high school learning or employment opportunities.  To this end, students can maximize their potential for academic, social and emotional success. 

Students attending HCLC are assigned classes based upon their instructional level and needs.  Students attending HCLC remain connected to their home school, with high school students working toward a Hamden High School diploma based upon satisfactory completion of all high school distribution and graduation requirements.  To maximize the potential for student success, HCLC offers:

  • A smaller, flexible, supportive learning environment;
  • Classes with instructional support from a teacher and paraprofessional;
  • Curricula that is aligned with district and state learning standards, modified to meet the individual learning needs of each student, as needed;
  • Student Chromebooks to support classroom instruction;
  • Work study or work experience;
  • School and community-based Internships;
  • Individual and group  counseling to promote the social, emotional and behavioral   development of all students;
  • Elective course options taken at Hamden High School;
  • Virtual Learning/On-line courses/Credit Recovery Courses;
  • Assistance with planning for post-secondary education, training or employment.