Microsoft Office - Free for HPS Students!

Get Microsoft Office (Office 2019 for PC and Mac) for Up to 5 Home/Personal Devices -  At No Cost for Hamden Public School Students!

Hamden Public Schools is happy to be part of the Microsoft Office Student Advantage Program! As part of the program, students who currently attend public school in Hamden can download for free Microsoft Office 2019 (which includes the full suite of the latest version of Microsoft Office, for PCs and for Mac computers). The agreement between Hamden Public Schools and Microsoft allows us to provide current students with the latest full version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more - at school and now at home too!

How to get Microsoft Office for your home devices at no cost through Hamden Public Schools and the Microsoft Student Advantage Program

You must be a current student in one of Hamden's public schools in order to take advantage of this program. (Once students graduate or otherwise leave one of our schools, the license is no longer valid.)

  • Visit this site:
  • Type in the student's username from school, and add to the username, then enter the student's school password in the next line.  As an example, if Malia Obama were a student at Hamden High, her username would be obamam16.  If she used the link provided above, it might look like this:

  • After entering your and your password, click the Sign In Button.

Most of our students know their HPS Network username and password, but If your child does not know his/hers, you may call Monica Mason at 203-407-2204 between 8:00-4:00.  She will verify your identity and provide needed information to you so that you may access the Microsoft Student Advantage Program..

  • Once you have entered your username and password, the page will automatically determine if you are logging in from a Macintosh or PC computer, and will show you one of these screens accordingly:


  • In the left column under SOFTWARE are two choices - Office and Phone & Tablet.  This is somewhat misleading, because you get Office with either link. Selecting Office (the default) lets you download to your computer.  If you would also like to download to another device like your phone, iPad or tablet, select the Phone & Tablet link.  Note that you can download Office on up to 5 devices under our agreement.
  • You will see icons of all the Office programs that will be installed.  Note that there are more for PC computers than Macintosh (thanks to Microsoft) but both platforms download Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.  Sorry, but It is not possible to download only selected programs - you get them all.
  • Select your preferred language (English is the default).
  • Click on the “install” button.

This is new for us - and thus we expect a few kinks along the way.  We will do our best to resolve issues that may arise as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience as we begin to implement this program!