Student Awards & Recognitions

HH 21-22

Throughout the year, so many of our students and staff members at Hamden Public Schools go above and beyond. They are shining beacons of our core values and the district honors those who make our schools a better place every day. 

Hamden Heroes are recognized at the Board of Education meetings starting in November.

November Hamden Heroes:
Bear Path
William Prokosch Grade 6
Betty Murray Paraprofessional
Peter Bonadies BP Parent
West Woods
Evangeline Allgood Grade 6
Hilly Conway WW Building Substitute
Marcie Diggs School Governance Equity Council member

SOTM Logo 21-22

Hamden Public Schools is very proud of the work being done by our students across the district, in-person and during distance learning.

Each month Superintendent Goeler honors them with the Superintendent's Student of the Month award.

All Superintendent's Student of the Month